Tuesday, October 04, 2011

For the very 1st time,

I admitted to the hospital (Sunway Medical Centre) due to fever for 7 days and more. Not a good thing to be in the hospital especially in the month of August. The month of the hungry ghost festival -.- It was the suckest month ever for me cause I stayed in the hospital for 8 days which I can die of boredom.

Here is the what happen during my stay :

Can you feel my pain? *cries*


on the wheelchair going up to my ward and lil boy sayang-ing me :)

woot! My hospital ID!

After the blood test and ultrasound check, I had fever is due to some infection in my liver and gall bladder. It was scary because I had sludge in my gall bladder. Doctor said if my fever is still on for days, I might need to remove my gall bladder which my parents think that that's not going to happen because I'm still so young.

Luckily, I managed to get rid of the fever although I had a very hard time fighting the bacteria in my body. Thanks to the super strong antibiotics that the doctor gave me.

sucky healthy hospital food that made me feel like vomiting by just looking at it

bye bye fever with a smiley from sis <3

coconut and bimbo accompanied me in the hospital :)
awww ~

bf said he bought the coconut because it looks like me

brother wanna act cute with coconut

so happy to see me in the hospital? Can take picture some more

using left hand to eat sushi

the "beautiful" view from my ward

the lebam I got it from the place where I did my blood test :(

After staying in the hospital for 8days, finally I can go back home but I still need to go for check up :/ there goes another blood test! Craziness

the total medicine taken back home

The summary of my whole august month :
1. Fever on and off from the 2nd till 17th August (15days)
2. Stayed in the hospital for 8 days which cost rm11,480
3. Did a total of 8 blood test (another one to do on the 22th Sep)
4. Had 14bottles x 500ml of NaCI drip during my stay
5. Did 2 ultrasound test
6. Ate 9 types of medicine

Interesting much isn't?

Besides that, because of this sickness I didn't fly like almost the whole month due to the admission to the hospital and MC :(

Sorry to make my family members, the boyfriend, my relatives and friends worried about me. Thanks for the concern and the time you guys come up and down to visit me and take care of me!

Until now, my body is still weak so I have to take extra care of my food consumption and NO MORE ALCOHOL!