Friday, August 26, 2016

Farewell buddy

This year I feel that I've been to quite a number of farewell (to be exact only 2 so far haha). As everyone grow older, we grow apart too..This is life isn't? 

Recently, we just had a small farewell party for this girl, Carmen (she is the one who always plan our reunion/gathering.WHO GONNA PLAN NEXT WHEN YOU'RE LEAVING? T____T)

See, rely on people some more. Now who is the next gathering planner? 

Anyways, she will be leaving to Boston for her further studies (the time i posted it up, she is already there lol) Master yo! Don't play play! Hehe 

So we had a small steamboat dinner and drinking session at her place. So near to my house only. Of course have to attend wtf 

To be honest, of course I want to be there for her farewell because she said she won't be coming back for the next 3 years? We gonna be like 29years old already if she is coming back after that. So old :( 

Just a small cake for her :) 

She doesn't look drunk when snapping pictures. Without the camera, she was technically drunk and she started to talk crap HAHAHAH 

My bae *hearts*

And we were super sober that night! Boo 

The gang since 2007 :) So much love for this people! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gold mask..LIKE FOR REAL?

Recently, I came across a facial mask from I usually shop there and always end up buying stuffs just because of the review (I should stop doing that). 

So here is another victim of mine lol : 

The PioLang 24K Gold Wrapping mask 

If you ask me real gold ah, I really don't know how to answer you honestly. 

But as they claimed it's made from REAL GOLD (so maybe we can extract them and sell to earn some $$$ haha)

Does it looks like real gold to you? I dislike the smell of this mask because I personally find it too strong and  my nose hurts whenever I inhale it from a distance T___T 

Now I wonder whether do I have sensitive nose..

So far I only used (experiment) it once and I didn't feel any changes on my face. Obviously, all facial products need to be used multiple times then only can see the result. 

Perhaps I should continue using it and wait for my skin to be better (not that my face is bad) 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lips lips lips *pouts*

Another beauty post. Haha. I came across this website ; which so happen to sells cosmetic products (woohoo hand in the air). The usual me was like ; come lets see what do they have there but I don't need anything by right. 



One fine day, I'm sure I'll go broke just because of this nonsense and implusive buying attitude :'(  

But these lips products make me feel better after buying them because I like the colour! I think them looks great on me :) (sorry no pictures)

I opt for Yadah korea brand (although I haven't try them) is because their products are made of natural and low chemical ingredients *yays*  

Not always online shopping has bad experience. This is like the 1827392362 times where I'm happy with my online purchase.

Oh did I mention that these 3 lips products only costed me ONLY rm49?! Yea that's right. They were having their anniversary promotion back then! Super cheap I tell you!!

Thanks Hermo! :D Hope to shop with you soon again (more cheap promotion pretty please)


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Blessed birthday :D

17th July 1990 was the year a baby girl was born into this wonderful world. Not knowing who was this baby girl, somehow fate brought us together and I so happen to meet her *sounds so cheesy haha*

This bubbly girl so happen to be one of a close friend of mine since college days. Segi college days. I was with this sad college Segi for only a semester and off I went down to Merlion Land *Singapore if you don't know*

It has been 7years into knowing her and yet we're still doing just fine even though we don't always meet up (She is the busy one, super super extremely workaholic) But she was there (and will be there) on most occasion where I needed her to be and vice versa :) 

A great friend she is :) 

Truly blessed to have this babe in my life! 

Wishing you the very best of luck with everything in Singapore :) 
Knowing you that you gonna be working compulsively but do remember what's the most important thing in life! Health, Happiness then only comes Career!