Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear fever,

Could you go away asap? I need to get out from my bed and I'm kinda tired of sleeping *although I love aleeping* the whole day due to the crazy drowsiness medicines. Boo!


Come on, get well soon Victoria! 
Moreover, I have early morning flight tomorrow :( I need to go to work

Friday, September 13, 2013

Perfect Perth

Currently, am in the cab heading to the airport and decided to blog about my recent Perth trip. It was winter-going-to-spring season. Perfect weather. Wish it was a longer stay :( 

Hotel was Four Points by Sheraton. Located at 707 Wellington Street. Near by to the Harbor Town Premium Outlet. 

Pretty hotel room and the bed is so comfy. Super like 

The interesting colour combination. I always go gaga over bright and mixture colors. Love love love *cupidstrike*

Took a short shower and off we went out at midnight around 1.15am. Walked to the nearest fast food outlet.

Wake me up please! With coffee. With your own preference. We don't have this in Malaysia??? 

How I miss you, my dearest Australia caramel sundae *yummy*

Sorry couldn't be bother about how do I look like cause I was so hungry. Hungry me is a angry me 

The next morning, woke up at 9am to go explore Perth again. Haha the last trip to Perth was 2years ago. Pathetic much

While waiting for Shahrul, we assumed he was lost but he was actually waiting for us at the opposite side of the supermarket @.@ 

Dislikes it when the lost one doesn't have international roaming. Always happen. Normal

Taken by this pretty lady with the peace sign with the superman shirt 

It was supposed to be candid ._.

Crazy people. Sun tanning. 
The sun was really bright and it's hot. 

Never fail to do grocery shopping for the loved ones back home especially when I'm in Australia :)

Paxing back home on the A333. 

Although we only had a short stay but I believe we make use of all the time we have. Haha. So I slept in the aircraft after the crazy lack of sleep zzz 

I want to go Australia again soon! Please? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beauty in your eyes


They are the most two important women in my life and I love them the most. Don't be jealous my dearest brothers, I love you both too *teehee

I miss you mei mei :( When are you coming back home?

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Never ever do that again

I just came across something.

People will never know what are you feeling inside because you don't want to tell it out due to some circumstances but you can't just judge a people by its cover. Some have to put up a tough look outside to cover up the fear inside. Maybe to prevent from unnecessary unhappiness in life, some have to defend him/herself by putting some hatred towards some stuffs. Can't blame that defensive method. Everyone has different ways of protecting him/herself. That's normal. Forgetting might be easy but forgiving is the hardest part of all.