Thursday, October 29, 2009

Once a year

Somehow I feel that my blog is getting super boring nowadays. Perhaps cause i dont have much events to blog about? Or maybe my urge to blog has disappear a little by little? I seriously dont know whats wrong *mood swing* Gosh!

Feeling so frustrate now T_____T

*trying to cheer ownself*


On the happy side, I was invited for Nafis's Raya Open House on the 18th Oct which was the only open house that im invited this year lol. Thanks for inviting ya, Nafis :) I was there with jean, carmen & wilson. Btw, Nafis was my form 4-5 classmate whose his mother was our sejarah teacher. Try to imagine that. So punny!

i only ate the satay because it was so yummy can.

we never miss out camwhore session and wilson will never take a decent pic boo

carmen, this is pretty. should thank wilson for this :]

nafis, me and jean :)

carmen, extremely excited wilson and nafis

jean who lives only 1 row away from nafis's hse


weird looking asam laksa

with all the ex high school mates :D

with wilson, the new girlfriend in the house xD

zarfan, the one who always bully me during high school @.@

I've to be a hale and healthy girl! =) November is cominggggg. So fast!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Whiteout premier screening

Woke up freaking early today although i dont have class. Thanks to the bimbo. And i just got back from Tropicana city mall with the big bro bimbo. Watched Inglourious Basterds starring Brad Pitt. woots!

A stupid yet entertaining movie for me.

Besides that, thanks to Nuffnang, i was lucky enough to won a pair of ticket to attend Nuffnang Premier Screening "Whiteout" at Tropicana City Mall on the 13rd of Oct 09 *i know it is an outdated post, forgive me*

The movie is about a deputy marshal (Kate Beckinsale) was assigned to base in Antarctica. She has to investigate a likely murder on the frozen continent. Something like that. Somehow, i dint really enjoy the movie. Maybe cause i was tired that night? -.-

Thank youuuu Nuffnang! :D

the accompany :)

Happy birthday to Carmen Kong :)
Time for a nap! Follow me at

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have you recharge your senses?

I did because i was at johor on friday with 5 of my friends for non other than the RECHARGE YOUR SENSES, JB Discovery event!

For your info, Recharge Your Senses event is an exciting event because there are some most riveting international DJ from all around the world such as United States, Finland, Australia and Taiwan come down to Malaysia to perform their tune of sheer.

In addition, it is an extremely one dynamic event that you wont want to miss!

Picture credits goes to Nigel flyguy and thanks to jason for the invitation.

the cool rectangle shaped DJ spinning place

the entertaining dance floor
*shake it baby*

Bass Agents on the moveeeee

part of the crowd. very happening people

the smoking hot emcee for 8 stops ; Kylie Chapman

the recharge shot bar

we had our free shots! what abt you?
*cheers people*

a group picture with DJ Proteus all the way from FINLAND yo

Sukvinder, Jason, Leonard, myself, Nigel and Michelle

people was hitting on the dance floor all night long

with michelle babe & sukvinder

we are ready to partayyyyyy!!!!

Look at his awesome tatoo(s)

DJ Proteus doing his stuff *spin spin*
he is such a vibrant performer!

and he is perhaps the most famous DJ in all of FINLAND!

DJ Proteus with his guitar babyyyy

we definitely do love recharge your senses event! woots

with nigel flyguy :)

nigel flyguy with jason ong yoooooooo

jason ong & leonard chua

leonard with a group for his friends

partying with the glowing lolipops

the view of the club from the top

Kylie Chapman was interacting with the audience.
She is a mixed of Chinese-Australia who can speak English, Mandarin & Cantonese fluently.

they were the party people, just like us!

Everyone ♥ RECHARGE YOUR SENSES event yooo!

Recharge your senses event is really one definitive experience babeh!


Hey people, dont worry if you missed out the JB one, there will be another one in kl, juru and kuching.

Do visit for more info.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

9th emperor

Aiyoooooooooo. SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS TO DO. *shoot myself in the head*
Anyways, I only got a maximum of 10mins to blog. My time very precious can. So a short post with only 1 picture.

Last saturday night, i was at a temple somewhere in ampang with a total of 8 people. The temple is known as the NINE EMPEROR GOD temple. It was my first time there. Excuse me, i dont even know the existence of that huge temple. I noob betul.

Smashpop, Bryanlyt, XiaoWei, Melvin, Jason, myself, Ewin & SuetMei

picture credit goes to Jason.

Okay, only 8 minute is used up for this post.
Back to assignments. I need help! Anyone? Pls?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kenny's 19th

Done with assigments. Time to relax by blogging. Heeeeee

Attended kenny's 19th bday celebration at MOS on the 16th Oct. I went there with aun hoong. Thanks for the rides! I met so many friends there :) And I had lots of fun. Thanks for invitation kenny! Hope you enjoyed yrself that night too!

must camwhore first what :)

on that night itself was MOS 1st year anniversary.
got free flow for cocktails, corona beer & finger food until 11pm ONLY!

nick, a friend of them ; adele & zhiji

however, the bday boy wasnt drunk that night. wasted!

the bday boy's gf ; phaik teng, kenny & his uncle, i think

aun hoong with kean hoe

with zhiji & aun hoong

phaik teng & her friend
they the leng lui(s)

they love to camwhore toooo

Tak boleh tahan the zhiji @.@

they are damn loving, i tell you *jealous*

sorry hoong, i've to post this up here because you dont let me upload it in fb :P :P

finally, a pic with the bday boy :) Hope you had fun!

the lovebird ; adrienna & ivan

ivan & hoong

adrienna looks extremely happy here :D

Picture taken by AdvinLim. Credit goes to him.

Left the club around 3.25am.

barefoot in pyramid! yays

thanks aun hoong!

jumping in pyramid! woot

we love to do crazy stuffs @.@

i also want to lay down on pyramid floor :S

hoong, you failed to pose sexy-ly!

still can camwhore around 4am? -.-"

i got this from MOS that night :) :) happpyyyyyyyy

Time to upload the rest in facebook. Toodles ~