Thursday, October 29, 2009

Once a year

Somehow I feel that my blog is getting super boring nowadays. Perhaps cause i dont have much events to blog about? Or maybe my urge to blog has disappear a little by little? I seriously dont know whats wrong *mood swing* Gosh!

Feeling so frustrate now T_____T

*trying to cheer ownself*


On the happy side, I was invited for Nafis's Raya Open House on the 18th Oct which was the only open house that im invited this year lol. Thanks for inviting ya, Nafis :) I was there with jean, carmen & wilson. Btw, Nafis was my form 4-5 classmate whose his mother was our sejarah teacher. Try to imagine that. So punny!

i only ate the satay because it was so yummy can.

we never miss out camwhore session and wilson will never take a decent pic boo

carmen, this is pretty. should thank wilson for this :]

nafis, me and jean :)

carmen, extremely excited wilson and nafis

jean who lives only 1 row away from nafis's hse


weird looking asam laksa

with all the ex high school mates :D

with wilson, the new girlfriend in the house xD

zarfan, the one who always bully me during high school @.@

I've to be a hale and healthy girl! =) November is cominggggg. So fast!


zafran=) said...

awww man...u already bullied my zafran...not zarfan...hehe...nice seeing u after 2 whole year we didn't meet...

Junxi90 said...

ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I miss Open House!!! Wanna go!!!

Victoria said...

zafran, hahaha! sorry @.@ but i like to spell yr name as zarfan! i think is cool! bleh! yea glad to see you. btw if im going back to melaka then i'll give you a call. we hang out okie? (:

junxi90, awwww =( dont worry you still can attend open house when you're back! chill!