Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

2014 has come to the end. Time to say goodbye and look back on what it has been.

Let's do a recap on what I have achieved/gained during this amazing Year of the Horse *its mine year* 

1. Ended my 3years of service with MAS due to back injury and I'm proud to be part of MAS before. Great working experience, met many interesting people and able to travelled around. 

Keep flying higher MAS! Do us proud! 

2. Able to celebrate CNY properly and peacefully after 3 years of not being able to do so. Thanks to rejected annual leave. Boo 

3. Moved into the new house with the hubby! Although going through house renovation, deciding on furniture and everything were a hassle and some disagreement but we managed to build a lovely home for us and our future family! 

4. Got an office job nearby my mom's place with attractive monthly salary but it didn't work out due to dishonestly of the company and I decided to leave after 2months of working there. 

5. Held my Chinese customs wedding dinner and tea ceremony 6months after we're legally and lawfully married *ROM was on 8th Dec 2013* 

My wedding dinner wasn't as perfect as I wanted it to be but I'm truly glad with the outcome because I basically plan everything myself with just a small help from the hubby and hotel organizer. Not prefect but enough for us. It was a memorable day! *nothing is perfect anyways* 

6. Flew to a new destination. Florida checked! 

7. Becoming a MOTHER! Yeah that's right. I conceived this little miracle A MONTH after my chinese wedding and currently I'm enjoying every moment with this baby in my womb :)

This was taken during my scan on the 20th weeks. 

Was so excited when I was taking the pregnancy tests on the 9th of August, the day I departed for Florida *Total of 3 test haha* 


Expected due date will be in mid April 2015. Can't wait for another great year ahead!

Of course I won't say that everything goes smoothly for me in 2014 but it has been a great year as I'm able to achieve so much and to be a wife and mother in the same year, is a big achievement for me already. 

Life is full with ups and downs but I always carry this positive vibre with me.

So I would like to thank God for giving this such an amazing year with all the amazing people in my life. May the year of Goat be a good year for all of us. 

Happy New Year human! 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh lights and more lights

Faster faster post out all the 2014 posts before 2015. Kiasu much?!

Christmas decorations are always one of the best decoration around the malls. Since sister was back and I'm basically enjoying my life now being unemployed, we visited few malls together with mom just to snap pictures of the Christmas decorations :) 

Awkward smile! :S 

 Hello there bunny! Thanks for the present 

Your truly with her baby bump :) ;) 

Everyone knows which mall is this right? 

Grandma was around in kl for 2 weeks so we brought her as well.


Next stop, Pavilion. Heard some said pavilion has one of the best Christmas decoration. True anot?? 

think this is the best picture of me with my baby bump. Seldom snap picture because ever since I got pregnant, I don't look as good as before. Blame the hormones :3 

Happy plus jakun sister

OMG why my arm looks so huge here? T___T 


Sunday, December 28, 2014


When time flies, the friendship that you had for years doesn't. It just makes it grow stronger and stronger as time flies. Couldn't imagine that we have been bestie for 11 freaking years and more years to come.

 Knowing that everyone is so busy with their own life but thanks god we still able to make time for each other although just a simple dinner/lunch/coffee. 

You don't need me to intro them because I bet you already know them if you do read or follow my blog :) 

Lastly, Happy blessed birthday Jenny!! I know you'll have a great one! Loves 

Thank you for being my bestie and everything! <3 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ho ho ho

The day has come. Piggyvic would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The one that lasts


Have you ever spend some time reading back your past posts? 

I did! 

Ever since I start reading back those old posts, I'm amazed on how much have I changed and also how many people you're used to be close with ended now being a strangers.. *everyone does go through what am I going through now* 

Circle of life. 

Once you get older, I believe the way you see things or the way you want to see things are different now. People always said mature is wise. True enough :) 

I'm not saying that I'm old *im only 24 mind you* but I know that once you reach a certain age, your perception towards something/everything change. 

Moreover, the lifestyle you're leading also eventually will change or maybe not depending on individual. I'm facing those changes now. Not complaining but I'm truly grateful that I'm in that stage of life with the people I love.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another wedding. Oh

Happy moments when any of your relatives is getting married. Like I said before *yes I did*, so many wedding around the corner but this wedding that I attended was 7 weeks ago *forgotten when so I checked my Instagram picture lol* 

Pregnancy brain *oh yeah I'm currently pregnant* Happiness! 

So lets get back to the wedding. It was a Malay wedding. One of my relatives was the groom, I believe he is my cousin? Or uncle? Or I-also-not-very-sure *My dad has so many relatives so yes, I'm lost* 

Big family huh. 

The wedding was held in a hall in Kelana Jaya. So happy to see so many familiar faces although I wasnt sure who is who :0

Pictures shall do the talking :) 

Spot me spot me!! Group picture with the lovely bride and groom :D 

Baby Megann. Sho cuteeeeee! *pinch her cheeks* 

She was unintentionally sitting on my baby *poor my baby lol* 

With Sri Ayu, my niece! *ya I think so is niece* T____T 

With Ammar *crazy tall fella*, Pearl, yours truly and Vincent the big bully 

After the wedding, Vincent and I dropped by Main Place because I was hungry and we wanted to have sushi. Lol random 

Candid! :| 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

High up like balloon

Hello December. Christmas month means shopping month means more money spent. Boo

Try to finish up all the 2014 posts before the clock strikes to 12am on the 31st of December. Of course I would like to start off a new year with new memories. Don't cha? 

So bear with me when I'm trying to post things up. I wanna do a recap on this year on what are my accomplishment and all but let me first this post first :) *maybe I shall do the recap post on the last day of the year*

Went up to the infamous getting hill with sister and mom just for a relaxing trip since we have nothing better to do haha. So much of enjoying life, I know. Don't jeles :p 

Stayed for 3days 2nights which I think is too long because there's nothing much I can do there since I'm pregnant and gambling is a no no for me. Later my baby becomes a gambler how??!! 

Hormones oh hormones. Welcome pimples! 

Never like staying in First World so we got a room for ourselves in Resort Hotel *thumbs up*

Walked pass by..

Shopped, walked and chilled in Starbucks is what I do there. 

Yes I'm here :)

Love ice cream so much. Crave for it so many times. Like today I just had mcd ice cream as dessert after lunch *nom nom*

Jakun no.1!!

Honestly I was scared despite the smile. Dislike robotic stuffs! Ugh 

More dessert for me! Yays. Sweet tooth

Expensive and not nice chicken rice balls :/ 

Overall, it was an interesting trip because it has been awhile since I have bonding session with sister. Might as well have more this kind of session before she goes back to the states *maybe, maybe not* Hopefully *finger crossed*