Friday, May 30, 2008

When it's the right time?

During the 4 hours break, we went to SP again. Told ya, i will be there almost every friday :)
This time we dint watched movie but went shopping as Su Ling need to get her stuffies. After that, we went to Red Box for SingK. Teni and Li Yun was the early birds. Joined them after shopping. As what i can said is that, we are crazy people especially when we all were singing and dancing :P

Then, we finished singing at 2pm. Went to the toilet and camwhore :) haha!

candid pic? -.-

the girls :)

L:R = Me, Li Yun, Teni, Yuki, Su Ling & Yoke Foong

Walked walked a lil while before leave SP.

miss teni :)

miss li yun :)

Got back to college and attended MS lecture. Thanks god, yuki dint went back home.
MS lecture lasted for only around 1 and 1/2 hrs or less. Actual duration is 3 hrs :P I really love this subject. Not because of the timing okay? I somehow like history? *grins* But today class, we have 20minutes break. Therefore, i made good use of my break by driving my car from ss14 to park somewhere in front of my college. Yuki followed me.

we are the early birds for the lecture

SILLY =.="

There's a 3 on 3 basketball tournment that was supposed to start at 4pm. But it was raining. Joe, Chi Yen and Chris joined as a team. Sathiya joined too but different team. Stayed back to give some support :D Su Ling stayed back as well because of her leng chai :P Sorry, Su Ling. I dint managed to stayed back longer to watch yr leng chai play. LoL :P Because of the rain, i drove my car to park nearer to the college main gate. Yuki accompanied me again. She just loves to stick to me :) While driving, i spotted something cute which is :

spot something cute under the vehicle in front of my car?

Here are something nice to share with my dearest reader :

p/s - someone, im always normal okay. Maybe you just didnt realised it :)

pp/s - sorry if there's any grammar mistakes. Am feeling super tired and lazy want to double check my grammar :/

ppp/s - I wont be around for 2 days if im not mistaken. till then, see ya :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lets go for a dodgeball.

For the ever first time, I and my siblings have breakfast brunch in AC. Went to AC around 9.50am with siblings. Our meal was treated by my elder bro, vin (he was back on tuesday night) Dont know why he so good treat us -.-'' Anyways thanks bro! :)

Before attending human com tutorial class, there's some student asked whether wanna play dodgeball anot? Of cause I dint play lah. But the guys did. So we just stay up a level and watched them play. That's why we were all late for the human com class :)

meet Sathiya and Dayang

The guys : Joe, Chi Yen, CE, Chris, Li Hao & Weng Tat

hallo ;)


After class, it was raining heavily. OMG! Cause i parked my car in 14 there. Oops! I dislikes raining day so much. Li Hao also parked his car at 14. But Weng Tat parked his car in front of the college, therefore, I offered him my umbrella to let him and CE to get to his car without soaking in the rain. However, Weng Tat said it's okay :) So alright. Then me, Yuki and Li Hao were walking under a small umbrella to our car. Halfway, Weng Tat said he could fetch us to our car but i asked Li Hao to follow him. So me and yuki walked under the rain with an umbrella cause so romantic. haha :P I know yuki wanna romantic with me. LoL! When we were about to cross the road, Chi Yen ran towards us. So we all walked to our car together. Chi Yen's car is just in front of my car :D

in the car :) we were pretty wet actually

Yuki came my house cause she need a nearest place to get prepared for her dinner later on. Chill awhile and chit chat :) Later, I sent her back to our college. From there, her mom fetch her to the dinner.

Went to AC just now around 8.30pm to meet up with friends. Yam cha for a lil while then entertain ourself with pool and foosball. Met Adrian ther as well :) Got back home at 11pm!

p/s - yuki most likely not going to attend malaysian studies lecture tomoro. Im gonna be bored without her & will miss her also :( *sob*

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beyond the expectation.

Lat night, i received this weird letter that contains this :

all thanks to kuma :)
Go and ask her why.

College was hectic. As in really hectic. Had 2 lecture in a day which really kill me. Freaking tired wei.

yuki yuki :D

the killing subject, econs :X

try to spot my econs lecture ya. HAHA

i like to look up into the sky sometimes :)

I got back my account test paper already. Although my grade is not very good but im grateful with my grade cause before this, i really dislike account. Therefore, now im so into account. haha. Call me weird..

After college, was supposed to meet kuma and simon in AC. But simon was still stuck in the jam from his college there. So kuma called me and changed the venue. So she choose Pyramid. Drove to pryamid and meet kuma up at the main entrance. Simon couldnt make it. But nvm there's always a next time. Found a place, ZEN to chill and gossip cause we have lots of things to tell each other. Well, it been a long time dint hang out. Meanwhile, also wait for Taryna to come from Times Square =.=" Although i look ugly in the picture below but still wanna post it up.

pls dont ever order this k? (not nice loh)

kuma's dinner

After we finished out dinner and chatted a lot of stuff, Taryna came after so looong. Not very long also lah actually. hehe. Taryna came with one of her friend named LK.

LK with kuma

meet kuma kuma & Taryna

they are my sayangs <3

with kuma & LK

my new friend, LK :)
Nice to meet you, girl.

aiks. it's blur *sob*

my beloved dudeeee :)

I always enjoyed myself with my sayangs although it's just a short duration of time!
Thanks for giving me a great day ya, sayang! LOVES!

p/s - i havent finish my english homework. oh no ~

pp/s - someone, you actually did quite well in yr account test. At least better than me what :( I know that yr expectation is very high but dont always put too high expectation ya :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I want candy.

I think im going to fail econs wei. It's a boring subject. Maybe cause of the lecturer? But I have to study starting from now cause there's a test next thursday. Anyone willing to teach me? :)

Hey Joe, you look funny when you sleep like this. Haha. Next time sleep nicely ya! :) But damn cool lah you can get to sleep although in this kind of position *salute you*

Su Ling's hair. I think the highlight is cool wei.

Dismissed early for econs class (thanks god) so we (me, yuki, darren, su ling, chi yen, yoke foong & chris) went to MCD for a chill. Chit chatted and chilled ourself but there's 2 fella who are so mute/soundless. I wonder why?! But normally this someone who quite talkactive one wor :P

doink fella, chris! :P haha

eh he got dimple wei.


Oh no, i feel that im so discourteous taking picture of people with their knowledge :(

And, i actually felt bad today cause of my unhappy grade for my english test which held last week. I know i didnt do it well enough but will work harder next time. But hor, this someone very smart wei. This someone got the highest grade in the class wei. Congrats ya to the someone :) So i think this someone can be affectionate enough to teach me econs hor?! :P

p/s - im hungry. I wanna eat! :X