Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Self quarantine.

I'm so gonna die of boredom if i have to continue to self quarantine. In a special case, I went out with mom and lil boy just now because mom wanted to watch the must watch movie ; TRANSFORMERS 2 ; Revenge of The Fallen!

No doubt that she is HOT!!

I think he is good looking though!

However, to really get out from self quarantine, I, my mom and lil boy need to go government hospital to have a check up tomorrow. Did you know that I dislike going to government hospital because of their slow services?? :/ I guess I have to bear with it tomorrow. How sucky!

Yay, say NO to self quarantine if and only i'm free from H1N1 virus!

p/s - Night!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I just need more time.

Before I blog about my Perth trip, I shall just blog out my draft 1st. Didn't want to keep my draft in blogger for a long time. So please be patient alright, my dearest reader? (:



Was in Pyramid (i'm SO bored of it already) with the mom and brothers last last week which I can't remember when. Was there to do some shopping. Nothing much to elaborate about the outing. Just few pictures to share because it have been a while since i camwhored with the boys :)

HELLO sexy blue black

While vincent and mom were shopping, me and lil boy were busy camwhoring. Nth to do what.

see, he is such a big poser

now, trying to acts cuteeee

then he didn't want to layan me

finally, he did and vincent is being a busybody :P
spot him!

oh noooo, lil boy is so good in becoming a picture spolier!

Vincent went to the fitting room and all of us went it too. Haha! So we decided to camwhore in the fitting room.

*sniff sniff*

why cut half of yr face?

he loves to camwhore as well :)

he looks adorable here right??


*Pictures below were taken by Canon IXUS 870IS.

with the dearest mom <3


yours truly,

ah moiiii

p/s - Happy sunshine :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

The gadget!

Hey people, I'm back from Perth yesterday. Overall the trip was enjoyable although it's pretty tiring! Still, I enjoyed myself even though I only had about only 10 hrs of sleep every night.

So..... did anyone miss me??

When I was away, I didn't know about the new existing rule for those who just came back from overseas ; they need to self quarantine for a WEEK especially for students! So lil boy so gonna miss school for another week. Did I mention if he is really not going to school because of the self quarantine, he only went to school for 4 days in the month of june??!! How fun! I never get the chance of missing school because of going for a holiday :/ So not fair!

Wait, am I a student too?? But currently i'm not any college or university student!


I know you guys cant wait for the Perth post but I wont be updating it just yet. I haven't even transfer the pictures into my lappy. I was sleeping almost the whole day because am exhausted :/ Please understand that travelling is very tiring!

Oh i'm so gonna get this gadget below if I have the $! I think it's so attractive.

It is the one & only cute NINTENDO DSi.

sexayyyyyy white gadget!

Not forgetting, the must attend 5th Leo Club of SMK USJ 4 International Understanding Day!

I might be attending.

what about you??

p/s - Sigh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey people, currently i'm in PERTH. Wanted to post a schedule post to inform you people that i'm leaving but then somehow blogger hates me!

Thanks to my dong dong who updated for me! :) loveeeeee!

For your info, i'm doing fine here. I love the weather here because is cold and windy :) I'll be back home soon T___T Dont worry about me because i'm enjoying myself here and there are too many hot guys here!! *drool*

p/s - I read your email already and dint know what to reply cause too much to reply :P

pp/s - I miss the family members back homeeee :/

She's away

Well the owner of this blog is away to Perth and will be back in a couple days! Don't worry she is not missing or anything. Thanks to somehow her scheduled post did not appear on the set date.

p/s She asked you guys to miss her..ahahaha
pp/s this is not an update by her...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shooo shoooo


I found some unrelated and random pictures in my phone. So I was thinking whether shall i blog about a random post with random pictures or either to just delete those pictures. I made my choice to blog about it. Come on, after all the pictures are taken right & I dint just waste them by sending them into the recycle bin? I'm just being kind ;D

someone claims that this is a niceee bag
do you think so??

a cat who needs a ride. meoww

some balls thingy.

life is like a journey :)

p/s - I know, super random post *applause*

Friday, June 12, 2009

You're leaving T__T

I went for a farewell dinner with a total of 17 college mates just now. This dinner is mainly for Mr.John who will be leaving to Perth on the 28th for further studies. Thanks to the organizer, Joe who made this farewell dinner a successful event although some can't turn up and some left earlier.

I didnt take pictures of all the food because was lazy *big wet eyes*

@Sushi Zanmai, pyramid

john (the boyf, *cough cough*), darren & five

li hou & chi yen

girls always love the camera.

she is cuteeee, dont cha think so?

ah moi with dayang & pek mun aka my daughter with john.

the gay couple and apparently, john doesn't want me already T__T

dragon ball roll

we asked him to give a speech and he managed to give a good one

candid pic. Haha

the farewell dinner organizer
THANKS for the dinner :D

darren, weng tat & ah moi

with joe lee

group pic

he choose perth over me
(He is so evil)

miss little shy ; denise

p/s - I so gonna miss them when i'm not in metropolitan :/