Friday, June 26, 2009

The gadget!

Hey people, I'm back from Perth yesterday. Overall the trip was enjoyable although it's pretty tiring! Still, I enjoyed myself even though I only had about only 10 hrs of sleep every night.

So..... did anyone miss me??

When I was away, I didn't know about the new existing rule for those who just came back from overseas ; they need to self quarantine for a WEEK especially for students! So lil boy so gonna miss school for another week. Did I mention if he is really not going to school because of the self quarantine, he only went to school for 4 days in the month of june??!! How fun! I never get the chance of missing school because of going for a holiday :/ So not fair!

Wait, am I a student too?? But currently i'm not any college or university student!


I know you guys cant wait for the Perth post but I wont be updating it just yet. I haven't even transfer the pictures into my lappy. I was sleeping almost the whole day because am exhausted :/ Please understand that travelling is very tiring!

Oh i'm so gonna get this gadget below if I have the $! I think it's so attractive.

It is the one & only cute NINTENDO DSi.

sexayyyyyy white gadget!

Not forgetting, the must attend 5th Leo Club of SMK USJ 4 International Understanding Day!

I might be attending.

what about you??

p/s - Sigh.


Avex Lim said...

Any photo from Aus dear?hehe...miss u

boney said...

whoa nintendo dsi psp better la..

Victoria said...

avex, hey dear! yup there are a total of 763 pictures (: will update abt it soon! aww i miss you too!

boney, nah i dont like the shape of the psp! :P

boney said...

true, it looks a lil hedious..but not the new one..:D