Monday, June 08, 2009

Belated birthday.

Saturday night, Aun Hoong asked me out for a movie. So he picked me up and then we went to Setapak to pick ken yee up. We catched a movie at Mid Valley. Wei liang and another friend which I can't recall his name joined us too. The movie was 11.20pm.

While waiting for wei liang, we went to KFC because ken yee was hungry.

his birthday was on the day itself.

ken yeeeeee

me being camera shy, sheesh

We watched :


We sat at the 1st row from the screen. However, the seat was pretty comfortable.

Good friend :)

We took like 5-6 group pictures and basically, this is the only somehow nice one :/

his birthday present

Got back home at 2.30am. Knocked out straight away :)

p/s - They are the lamest friends ever :)

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