Monday, July 27, 2009

The event.

(Leo Club of SMK USJ4 IU Day on the 18th July @ SJK Chee Wen)

I was supposed to work on that day but i took a day off because of the IU Day. Left the hse at 1.15pm with jie jie. She became my driver for the day ;)

Although the event wasnt as good as i expected but hey, i know all the committee did work hard to make this a successful event *Thumbs up*

I really miss leo events because i was once active in leo club and held the post of a community service director 05/06 and president 06/07. I miss those moments where we cracked our brain during meetings to think of ideas for upcoming projects *big wet eyes*


say hi to my jie jie

Reached the school at 1.30pm and was told that we're only able to get in the hall at 2pm. So we left for lunch at AliCafe.

honey lemon the new addiction

i had been eating less lately

After lunch, got back to the event about 2.20pm. Met ewin and chatted with him. So long didnt see him already :/

carmen, jenny kuma and yours truly

with miss foo and puan vijaya ; the coolest teacher

with Shakeel & Ewin

high school babes ; Jenny, Carmen, Denise & ah moi

with the yoyo-ers

with anthony, the long lost brother *cough* and elroy

i miss playing the clapping game with him, tony T__T

a huge and strong fan

part of the crowd


Go chris! ;D



the winner for the game

random shot

with adrian and his band

After IU, i went off to summit for a lil while and then off to pyramid. Had dinner with jenny kuma, aun hoong and carmen. No pictures taken during dinner time. Sorry. However, Carmen blogged abt it already. Visit her blog for the pictures (not much pictures)

After dinner, jie jie picked me up from pyramid and she was so random wanted to go to Bon Odori at Panasonic Sport Stadium. So i gave in. Met her friends there as well. Nice meeting you guys!

By that time we reached there, many ppl were about to leave.

it was our 1st time to bon odori

p/s - Next up will definitely be the perth - day 4 post! Stay tune :)

Its so despondently.

(Genting trip with mom & aunties on the 21st-23th July)

Last minute, i decided to tag along with them because one of my aunty has extra room. Moreover, i have nothing to do in subang. This trip was my opportunity to relax and to stone alone. Haha. Hey, it was fun okay ;)

Basically, i spent most of the time alone at Starbucks & MCD with my lappy, facebook-ing and chatting. Not forgetting, i had a weird conversation with one of the Starbucks cashier. Bizarre.

I didnt take much pictures because my camwhore partners were not around T__T

on the way up

the room no.

in the room, chilling

aunty robin, mom & aunty lisa

vietnam market

with mummy ;)

BBQ pork rice

chicken curry

i havent been there :>(

p/s -Bored.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing is broken.

Wtf is wrong with blogger? I wanted to edit this post but then I couldnt. When i clicked on edit post, this post suddenly has weird and unknown html. See, now i have to re-blog everything again (i re-blog this post thrice already). Screw you, blogger! wtf


I shall keep this post short and simple. Am afraid that this post will *proof* again!

Last friday, I went to pyramid with yuki babe. Had lunch at Wong Kok Chan Char Teng again (i had lunch at the same place with jenny kuma that day)


the octopus pose ;o

she said i look cute here. OMG

the lala pose

the sniffing pose, i suppose

lastly, the tongue out pose


she was posing with the half bitten watermelon

ham & egg sandwich for yours truly

dont worry, i wont kill you

After lunch, we watched :


The movie will be better if there are more action scene. We left after the movie.

she drives damn gangster, i tell you *scary*

thanks babe for the ride ;)

p/s - Stupid blogger!