Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing is broken.

Wtf is wrong with blogger? I wanted to edit this post but then I couldnt. When i clicked on edit post, this post suddenly has weird and unknown html. See, now i have to re-blog everything again (i re-blog this post thrice already). Screw you, blogger! wtf


I shall keep this post short and simple. Am afraid that this post will *proof* again!

Last friday, I went to pyramid with yuki babe. Had lunch at Wong Kok Chan Char Teng again (i had lunch at the same place with jenny kuma that day)


the octopus pose ;o

she said i look cute here. OMG

the lala pose

the sniffing pose, i suppose

lastly, the tongue out pose


she was posing with the half bitten watermelon

ham & egg sandwich for yours truly

dont worry, i wont kill you

After lunch, we watched :


The movie will be better if there are more action scene. We left after the movie.

she drives damn gangster, i tell you *scary*

thanks babe for the ride ;)

p/s - Stupid blogger!

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