Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perth - Day 2

FYI, I just got a haircut this evening. My head feels so much lighter now ;)

Okay, here comes another long post ahead.

Day 2

Basically, when I was in perth, I really woke up early. I woke up at 9.30am. Cant waste time by sleeping if you're on a holiday. Make use of every seconds! Haha

Took the yellow cat to Forest Place to take a train to Fremantle. Fremantle is the last station for Fremantle line.

mom looks pretty here! ;)

The journey to Fremantle took approximately 45 mins.

@ Fremantle

Fremantle market is located in the popular seaside town of Fremantle, just south of Perth.

The Fremantle Markets boasts a huge range of stalls, selling everything from jeans, t-shirts and jewellery to soaps, woodwork and hammocks. The market only opens on friday, saturday and sunday.

a turkish hotdog

bought some fruits back.

interesting ball

he was looking for places to go

Walked around Fremantle and passed by :

Fremantle malls

Town Hall Centre is a library


Shopped at Myer nearby the Queensgate. Bought some clothes.

a REALLY huge tree

a beautiful, tall and healthy tree

with mr. i don't know who

hello bird :)

We walked till Colin's street and the esplanade. The name of esplanade reminds me of a building in Singapore.

Colin's street car park

our special tourguide

but the esplanade in perth is a park

oh hello, another bird

he doesnt want to layan me :/

i like this pic!

greenish cute grass

jumping shot that covers my face!

pigeons gathering

I felt so short when I looked at this pic :/

on the train railway
*i look short*

the sea water is so blue

look at my messy hair. Thank you mr.wind!

mr. fisherman with lil boy

hi sexy fisherman, can I have a pic with you please?

Went to Cicerello's No.1 Fish & Chips in Western Australia.

dont know what fish are they

the fish & chips

the seafood plate which contains squids, shrimps and crabmeats. yum

After filling our stomach with seafoods, we walked to the nearby Maritime Shipwreck Museum Gallery. The entrance fee is free.

I always thought that we are not able to take picture in any museum so I didnt take any. After done adding knowledge about the maritime shipwreck into our brain, we took the Orange cat which is the Fremantle free bus service to another museum.

This time, we visited the Fremantle Arts Centre to increase our creativeness! Haha!

Their museum are really interesting and I really can waste my time in there. However, I recalled back that I dint see any sign of (picture below) in the museum we visited.

So actually we are able to take pictures in the museum unless there is a sign stated " No Photography is allowed " How dumb can I be? =/ Go laugh if you want to.

Enough said.

About 4.30pm, we took the train back to Forest Place to walked to Hay East Road for MCD.

chicken bacon deluxe value set

CARAMEL sundae ice cream!
*mouth watering*

Malaysia should seriously has this caramel sundae ice cream. It is so irresistible, you know!

That night, we used a different road to got back to the motel. We walked nearby the swan river and I saw a swan. Wanted to take picture of it then it flew away T__T

the night view of the buildings and lil boy

Reached back the motel at 7.15pm. Although it was only 7.15pm, the sky is so dark as if it was already 11pm :/

Since there were nothing to do, I tried to use the new curler that mom bought in Carillon City.

the tak jadi outcome

Until now, I still not very good in curling my hair using that curler. After spoiling my hair with the curler, I watched Home Alone & Wedding Date. Got to bed at 11.30pm.

p/s - Till then ;)


Darren Lee said... ur post..

boney said...

hmm best fish and chips in western aus? i doubt that...even the average shop in nz can beat

Victoria said...

darren - hey! thanks (;

boney - personally, i dont think so is the best fish and chips either. haha!