Saturday, July 11, 2009

Winter Holiday ; Perth - Day 1

I'm so tired after helping out at the Summit Flea Market the whole day. Anyways, here comes a LONG post. Please forgive me if there are any grammar or vocabulary mistake in this post because I'm so damn tired and exhausted.


Finally, here is the post you guys are waiting for. Am I right? Anyhow I'll not blog about the whole week holiday in a post. I'll separate it into few post. Sadly, I only took 763 pictures for the entire week :/

Warning : There are many pictures below.

My flight was on the 19th June 09 at 0005am. Therefore, we reached LCCT around 10.30pm. Had a sit and chit chat session after checking in the luggage.

thanks for the ride, big bully brother

the brothers

family is the most important thing in my life!

the entertainment screen.
If you want to watch movies, you have to purchase a rm35 headset. Besides that, you're able to keep it.

AirAsia international meal ; BBQ smokey chicken something

was entertaining myself ;)

But we didnt purchase the headset as we were planning to sleep. However, mom was the only one who slept. I couldn't sleep although I tried 826252176 ways to fall asleep T__T Maybe the seat in the flight was not comfortable enough for me. Lil boy couldn't sleep as well. Pity him.

Day 1

The flight took approximately 5hrs and 20mins. We arrived at Perth International Airport at 5.35am.

the half dead look :/

Had our 1st meal in DOME as our breakfast. We spent our time by having breakfast because it was still early to check in into our hotel.

lil boy's honeycomb gold crush

my ice chocolate

mom's hot chocolate

bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

the empty airport

We left the airport at 7.35am. Took a cab to our hotel. The journey to my hotel took around 20mins.

The cab fare was AUD$ 36.40 o__O We stayed at City Waters Perth. It is the only hotel that provides 3 beds in a room!

it's like a motel actually but a 3 star motel.

We reached the hotel at 8am. Luckily, we are able to check in earlier whereas the normal standard check in time is at 2pm.

i'm always the 1st to book my bed!
The beds are really comfortable to sleep on!

half of the kitchen

oops forgot to take the bathtub. hehe

After taking those pictures, we all took a 3 hrs nap. Woke up at 11.15am, got ready and went out at 12.25pm.

feeling good & fresh after the shower ;)

The weather wasnt that cool but the wind was REALLY strong. I can fly away wei! I freaking love windy weather!

opposite our motel is the swan river

While walking to the nearest yellow cat bus station, we witnessed an accident between a black Honda Civic and a white Volvo. The damage on the Honda was really unpleasant. Pity the good looking driver!

Okay, for your info, there are 3 free bus services around the perth city but only to certain places. They are the yellow, red and blue cat.

@ yellow cat bus station

maple leaf ;)

the wind was so strong so I tied up my hair

Got down at Harbour Town station. Headed to Harbour Town mall for shopping. Had lunch at Subway.

After done shopping at Harbour Town, we took a yellow cat back to Forest Place.

the yellow cat route

the very clean and comfortable bus

@ Forest Place

Went for grocery shopping at :

their own self service check out

Then, we had dinner at Carillon City food court.

the inedible dry wanton mee

very appetizing AUD$9.90 fried kuey teow

commonwealth of australia

By the time we finished dinner, it was already 7pm. The free bus services are only available till 5pm and sometimes 6pm. So the only choice to get back to our motel is by walking or taking cab. Honesty, when we were in perth, we walked most of the time.

Oh not forgetting, the malls in perth close at 5pm and sometimes 7pm depending on which day. How sad!

Reached back motel at 7.25pm. I fell asleep till 8.15pm. To pass time, I watched tv and camwhored.

After done watching tv, I asked lil boy to go have a walk. Mom wanted to stay behind.

it was drizzling so have to wear my winter waterproof coat

the bell tower

part of perth city

While walking, suddenly it rained heavily. So we took a shelter at a car park paying station.

the car park paying machine

sorry, i love that pole!

the ferris wheel. Eyes on Perth City! Haha :p

big and tall beautiful trees


Perth concert hall

the back of perth concert hall

a pathway to somewhere

kangaroo wannabe

why stand so straight?

Walked back to the motel at 10.58pm.

lil boy's supper ; chicken lasagna

Headed to dreamland at 11.30pm.

p/s - Time to sleep.


boney said...

hmmmam surprise u still cn!!!!

Avex Lim said...

wow it seemed like i had oso had a trip 2 perth thru ur words n

Victoria said...

boney, surprised? haha. excuse me, im NOT that forgetful okay and it depends either do I want to remember or not only :p

avex , haha! really? good good! ;)

boney said...

:P hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....