Friday, June 12, 2009

You're leaving T__T

I went for a farewell dinner with a total of 17 college mates just now. This dinner is mainly for Mr.John who will be leaving to Perth on the 28th for further studies. Thanks to the organizer, Joe who made this farewell dinner a successful event although some can't turn up and some left earlier.

I didnt take pictures of all the food because was lazy *big wet eyes*

@Sushi Zanmai, pyramid

john (the boyf, *cough cough*), darren & five

li hou & chi yen

girls always love the camera.

she is cuteeee, dont cha think so?

ah moi with dayang & pek mun aka my daughter with john.

the gay couple and apparently, john doesn't want me already T__T

dragon ball roll

we asked him to give a speech and he managed to give a good one

candid pic. Haha

the farewell dinner organizer
THANKS for the dinner :D

darren, weng tat & ah moi

with joe lee

group pic

he choose perth over me
(He is so evil)

miss little shy ; denise

p/s - I so gonna miss them when i'm not in metropolitan :/


~JL~ said...

we can always still meet up .. cheer up .. =D

Victoria said...

ya i know. somemore so near only :P

~JL~ said...

you all near but I'm far .. xÞ

pek mun said...

we'll all gonna miss you! but we still can have gathering! =)

Joe: far still can meet!