Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh my..sweet

OMG! It has been a while since my last update. Please forgive me big time. Just got a new job and I'm busy adapting to the long working hours :/ 

Made with love by a dearest friend of mine, Jaime :) 

It tasted good! *thumbs up*

And yes, am heading to bed. Working in the office makes me extra sleepy. Wonder why. Off I go. I promise I'll be back! Don't run :) 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm really tired. REALLY TIRED

I have been through a day with an unpleasant moment today. And yes I'm really tired and very unhappy but I know that I'm not able to speak out what I'm going through now! 

Don't worry, it's nothing huge but just a small arguement. All this while, I thought I could deal with it but today, I really broke down :'( 

And deep down in my heart, I know there's nothing much I can do but just to accept whatever is coming through. Even by talking it out, don't think so there will be any changes on anything so I decided to live with it all by myself and deal with it. I need to be stronger although I tried so hard. I need to shed less tears. I need to learn to accept changes although i dislike most of them and I don't any choice *life is full of choices sayings doesn't apply to me anymore* I need to bear the pain with me all by myself. I need strength....more strength 

It seems like I'm giving in most of the time. I'm not complaining yet but why always me? I keep thinking why why it must be me. Why can't you? It does look unfair to me. But like everyone said, life is unfair. Guess, I have to accept the facts I'm living in this cruel life. There's a limit to everything. 

I believe one fine day, I'll just burst when I reached my limit of patience and I don't wanna think what will I do when that day comes. Scary but true! 

I'm really really very unhappy!