Monday, May 22, 2017

Cock year 2017


Am squeezing some time to write while pumping milk and the boys are asleep. Some peace and quiet time for me and myself. You've no idea how much I needed some time off by myself :/ 

It's challenging to take care of 2 babies by myself. All alone ~ 

So when the year 2016 comes to an end, everyone was busy putting down their 2017 resolutions right?

A moment ago, I just thought for a resolution for myself which is to survive 2017 with 2 babies -.- 

Cock year reunion dinner was held at Grand Imperial USJ 19 Mall with everyone. It has been years since everyone is around for CNY. 

This year so happen that my birthday falls on CNY too
(Not really a surprise thou as my chinese birthday actually falls on 2nd day of CNY)

1st lou sang @ The Putien, Pyramid

1st 2017 family picture with the big cock at the back lol 

2nd lou sang @ The ShellOut, KD with Jaime & family

3rd @ reunion dinner itself

With the family :D

Signing off now! Have a good Monday, say goodbye to Monday blues ~