Thursday, January 25, 2007

skipped school. went for eye check up in PJ. woke up at 7am but reached back home at 1.30pm. wth. so long right?

almost the same as school time. not differences of going to school & hospital. waited for 4hrs then only can consult the doctor. haiz!wat a hospital service?so sad! =/

bro fly to langkawi wif keng heng at noon. sent them to airport. got bully by keng heng. gonna bully him back one day. wait n see. ha ~

tik-tok-tik-tok. time is passing fast. sooner or later goin to be a big day for me. although it's a big day but for me, it's juz a normal day. get used to it already.

not many ppl can remember abt it also. but i believe some of them will remember abt it.watever la. so juz let it be =(

life is so meaningful n unfair. i being emo for past few days. thanks to some1.haiz

however, life will still move on. juz forget abt it but i cant. it make me so hard to forget.cant blame me. reali got many sweet memories between us. but wth!

i reali need to brainwash myself. i suffer alot. cant make myself suffer anymore.

no matter how, will try to don remember abt anything. cheer up n move on wif my life.

guess wat. i went for my blue hse pratice juz now in skool. i joined running 100m for sport day. believe it anot? clap clap for vic!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

i am so depress now!
all thanks to jenny..
she makes me feel that when i went shopping wif her at pyramid juz now..
we eventually went shopping wif our emo-ness juz b'cos of jenny cant find the nike bag she wanted it so desperately..besides that, wai chun FFKed us that's one of the reason jenny got so emo n tension ! ~
the only thing i remembered that i make a promoter in body gloves pissed off..
sry dude! =/ feeling so bad now as he was so nice telling me abt their promotion..

hopefully jenny will chill down b4 tomoro..
if not, i am doomed! >.<>
it gonna be a doomsday tomoro wei!

besides that, i went there to support my cousin sister for this miss sunway thingy..
wow, she is hot!
but sadly she din make it to the top 10 finalist but i am still proud of her! =)

special msg for JENNY ( the emo gal ) !
gal, don la so emo okay? i noe you reali wan that nike bag.. i will teman you go find it okay?
cheer up la! emo not good for healt de..
later got white hair wei =s
when you emo, you gonna make those ppl around you emo too..
should you like stop emo-ing for the sake of others?
it's juz a nike bag le..
takkan you wan emo until like the world is gonna end meh?
where's the happy go lucky jenny i used to know?
gal, i am not scolding you or wat but i guess after reading this, you surely will think for stop emo-ing! haha
hopefully it works! ~

Friday, January 19, 2007

Past post - 16th of january

after skool when to chris's hse to get ready for our advertisement shooting..
we are doing the advertisement for TV2 regarding teenagers clothing with Cherrise..
she is the host for it..
we started our shooting at 5pm + but ends up @ 12.45am n reached home at 1am..
haiz no one predict that it will be that long..
it's not our fault but is Cherrise's..
cant put the blame on her actually cos she is nervous when giving speech in front of the camera..
it's reali a tough job! i understand
juz reached home then get scolding from my mom.. haiz

nth much to say d.. lets the pictures do the tok alrite?
enjoy! ~

oops DIE! here come the bos, Chris !
Sean, save yrself !

hallo?anyone there?

sean feeling depress!
depression! so sad =/
sean the lecturer
poser sial!

sean, where you?

model! ~
LOL me , yen n chris

TV2 shooting crew

took it when they were doing the shooting

sean being a model for the tree! haha
jk only

one part of the tasik

guess wat? our shooting is in a tasik at Gombak name Taman Tasik Sri Gombak!
Gombak is quite near to Genting already le..
we can juz take a bus to go i wish? =/
we took around 3hrs + to go there by taking cab, ktm & lrt

was took from the back of LRT

o.0 tunnel ! !

Sunday, January 14, 2007



here i come my dearest blog..
sry bloggie for not updating you! @.@
busy busy busy busy!
skool skool skool skool!
tuiton tuiton tuiton tuiton!
stress stress stress stress!
haiz! ~

changes new skin for my bloggie but macam ada kecacatan le..
tomoro onli re-edit it la.. tired! >.<

Today's special!

me,my sis, christopher & sean had an interview at chris's hse juz now for our advertisement shooting that will be held on tuesday but the venue is not confrim yet.. =/
we will be shooting on teenagers clothing that will be show in tv2
guess wat?
me n sean is under the casual categori whereas
chris n my sis is under the formal categori
it's means me n sean look younger than them!
haha =p

anyways nth much happen today but juz that quite long i din take pic aledi so juz simply took pic on wat i saw in chris's hse..haha
chris's room

chris's doggie!

me n my sis! we juz love the cam! ~

cutie doggie rite?
but i cant steal it! sob sob ~

Saturday, January 06, 2007

me victoria pang woke up at 6.50am this morning! believe it anot? haha
no la! i got undang test today wert that's why need wake up so early!
toopid RILEK centre in ss15 wei..they make me waited for 50mins there!
they put notis that they will be open form 8am - 4.30pm but they opened at 8.35am this
morning! so not puntual wei! well, cant blame them also! malaysian are not puntual at all
actually! haha =p
this mornong i almost got heart attack when i received his sms at's so freaking early
in the morning! he woke up so early b'cause he wanna do his work! so hardworking! =)

hey ppl! come on congrats me! i pass my undang test today but sadly i got 6hrs of lecture
tomoro! haiz have to wake up early again.. ZzZzzz

hey gal, after reading yr blog you make me emo too! =/
haiyo don worry too much alrite? you still got me!
it's 2007 now so live on wif a new life ok? =)
if got anything then tell me ok? i will always be there for you de!
trust me k!

anyways vic wanna rest d! nitezz!

Friday, January 05, 2007

skool reopen alreday!

hallo everyone! FINALLY get to on9! yeah ~
as everyone knew that skool reopen already that's why i din come on9 this few mom don let me play the laptop & i don even wan to play it cos i scare i will addicted to it! i stop playing maple aledi since last month! unbelievable wei ! moreover, i prefer spending my time on my studies then on9 - ing..
well, this year i will be different form last year b'cause i will be sitting for SPM examination which is 10months+ more ahead of me whereas i still got nth in my head abt form4 studies.. shit man! i gonna study pretty hard to score a good result for every of my exams! cant dissapointed my parents anymore! hopefully i wont la!
by next week, i will freaking busy wif my tuiton & my studies! haiz >.<>
besides that, i do need support from my frens too! i reali need them to teach me in watever subject that i am weak ! =/
LOL sound damn weird i said all these nonsense! i cant imagine that i am victoria who blog abt this post!
it's so totally different of me!

watever la! haiz tomoro i will taking my undang test again! need wake up so early again! i thought i can sleep till very late in the evening so that i can cover up my time sleeping when i din have enough sleep during skool - ing time..from 3rd of jan until end of this year, i need to wake up freaking early for skool & i don like it.. i don even get used to it yet aso but i must jia you on it! ^.^

btw, i reali really miss him alots! =/ dunno when only can see him again!
miss everything abt him! haiz sob sob !

- vic kind da emo now -
dunno wat's wrong!

Monday, January 01, 2007

happie new year!

happie new year everyone!

sry ppl for not updating my bloggie
laziness in me had came bak!

well, i celebrated my new year eve at pyramid wif my beloved frens but sadly we din get a great view to watch the fireworks.. =/ sob sob!
but we did enjoyed ourselves playing wif those spray thingy..
although i knew that it's fun but it was damn BLOODY sticky!
reali dislikes it at 1st but watever la since it's new year!

i was out since 6pm until 3am..
after pyramid, i wif my lil sis n lil bro n my sis's beloved bf went to asia cafe for supper..
nth much but after eating, i decided to go bak home cos i am very exhausted due to lack of sleep but when i get in the car n it's ready to move, my petbro said he is goin asia cafe later! i was like 'wth' !! i wanna stay there longer but i cant turn bak time! ish ish!
nvm nvm i chill myself down!
later when reached home, my fone beep!
wow i got a sms from my leng chai fren & guess wat he said?
he asked me - where are you now?
i answered bak - i juz reach home n asked him where is he?
then he replied - i now at asia cafe!
i was totally omg! wth! haiz
was so totally pissed off actually but i am fine cos it's a brand new year 2007!

it's now 2007 n it's a brand new year whereas it's gonna be a very stressful year for me due to major exam ( SPM )

the day after tomoro, everyone will be very busy for skool-ing d..
actually i do wish for skool to reopen soon cos i am bored of holidays but when i think bak abt skool, i wish holidays could be longer..
haha i aso not sure on wat i wan! =/
vic ar!!!!!
* stop dreaming *

anyways i am sincere to wish everyone of us a happie new year & may the year 2007 brings you joy, good health, abundance of wealth, good opportunities & happiness that you all are hoping for! =)

- vic thinking of some1 -
* winks *