Saturday, January 06, 2007

me victoria pang woke up at 6.50am this morning! believe it anot? haha
no la! i got undang test today wert that's why need wake up so early!
toopid RILEK centre in ss15 wei..they make me waited for 50mins there!
they put notis that they will be open form 8am - 4.30pm but they opened at 8.35am this
morning! so not puntual wei! well, cant blame them also! malaysian are not puntual at all
actually! haha =p
this mornong i almost got heart attack when i received his sms at's so freaking early
in the morning! he woke up so early b'cause he wanna do his work! so hardworking! =)

hey ppl! come on congrats me! i pass my undang test today but sadly i got 6hrs of lecture
tomoro! haiz have to wake up early again.. ZzZzzz

hey gal, after reading yr blog you make me emo too! =/
haiyo don worry too much alrite? you still got me!
it's 2007 now so live on wif a new life ok? =)
if got anything then tell me ok? i will always be there for you de!
trust me k!

anyways vic wanna rest d! nitezz!

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