Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad hair day.

I shall postponed my damai laut post because i don't have the mood to blog a super long post :/


Yesterday, I had a bonding session with my sister :) We went to Pyramid for shopping and movie.

Had lunch at MCD. Sis is being a super stalker now because she keeps on taking pictures of me :/

I had a bad hair day yesterday because was rushing :(

my somehow angry face

i was daydreaming about the filet-O-fish i ate :P

omg! this is super candid :/
eh sis, i eating fries also wanna take picture of me ah?!

We watched :

thread of destiny

Don't ask me how much I gonna rate of any movie I watched because for my opinion, I think everyone has different taste :)

see, i'm so damn dark now

p/s - Sis starting college soon!

pp/s - Am going to accompany her for her orientation later on! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Before I blog about my damai laut trip, I shall post out all my draft 1st :)

I went for swimming with my friends 2 week back. All the way to klang for swimming.

We, the crazy one were swimming in the afternoon which explain my sunburn and me getting darker :/

Went for Jaccuzi & Sauna too :)

Had lunch with yuki at :

yuki :)

p/s - *ahem ahem* :/

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The David.

Hey peeps, I'm back from my family trip. Reached back home this morning around 1am :)

Will blog about my trip soon alright? Too many pictures to upload! I guess my sis will be uploading most of the pictures in her facebook. Oh I look weird/ugly in the pictures T__T

By the way, nowadays, I was like going gaga over David Archuleta :P

He is freaking adorable! Don't ya think so?

p/s - Put me in your dream! :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

It will be fun.

Reschedule post.

I'm leaving for a short holiday with my family including my daddy :)

Family trip!

We will be in :

Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut

Will update soon when I'm back! XOXO

p/s - It gonna be awesome :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little mousey

This will be a random post cause I have been staying at home and watching movie. Didn't go out from the house because I'm dark enough now after swimming that day :/

Will blog about my swimming outing next time!

Oh, I was pretty jakun when my mom gave me this little mouse :

I was like "ooooooooooooooooohhhh so cuteeeeeeeeeee "

super small wei!
But i'm not using it now :)

Last night, after groceries shopping with mom, I watched a movie. Had some snacks during the movie and switched off all the light with the air condition on. Was acting as if i'm in a cinema. lolol

oh i loveeee eating asam boi by the way :)

my desktop picture!

f*ck u!

p/s - What movie should I watch next? *thinking face*

p/s - I misssss you :/

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I look UGLY :(

Last night, I went for movie with my college mates ; chi yen, wei chi & dayang (:

Chi yen has 4 free ticket to watch " Make It Happen "

I was pissed off during the movie because of some people are just so inconsiderate. Wtf!


Oh on the 18th April, I attended Wai Chun's b'day party + house warming (he is now staying at Usj11) with Aun Hoong. Thanks for the ride, hoong :)

Pictures are grabbed from yi wen's blog. Credit goes to her!

b'day boy with his cake

with yi wen

yi wen & aun hoong

with aun hoong, the buddy

Kuma and terence left earlier. Carmen came around 9pm+

The party was fun especially the cakes smashing on the birthday boy's face. The others did that but not me. I ate my cake without wasting it on the birthday boy's face :)

After the party, I tagged along with the others to Adrian's place to chill. Then, I went to Silva for supper with hoong, adrian, kevin, bernard and justin. Oh btw, nice meeting bernard and kevin :)

p/s - Okay, I shall start reading my twilight books already ^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boredom is a NONO!

(Genting Trip with sister on the 9-10 April 09)

I think Genting is a good place to relax before sitting for examinations. I went up to Genting 3 days before my final exams. In year 2008, I went up there 2 days before my SPM :)

This time, I went up with my sister. We took bus from KL Sentral.

in the cable car with 4 unknown uncle :/

Stay overnight at Resort Hotel.

i don't know why I wanna take this picture

Chill in the room for a little while, get showered then get our lappy and off to Starbucks.


the secret to make me hyper but not ALL THE TIMES :p

with her new DELL lappy

After bored of Starbucks, we went back to our room. Resort Hotel is so far away from Fisrt World Hotel wei. Sudahlah, we carried our lappy which is not light :/

the room

The view from outside my room :

theme park which is quite noisy.

Chatted with sis and then I was so random and said to my sister " come lets go to the toilet and camwhore "

my stupid face when brushing my teeth :P

my crazy women :)

this is the best picture la wei!

she was laughing then i snapped this :P

trying to chill :P

hello, is there any cute guy next door?

i forgot to bring the keys room card out :/

At night around 9pm, we watched :

It's okay. Doesn't really amuse me.
Yeah, i'm not easily to get amused according to my siblings :/

After the Dreamz, we thought of going to Safari but then we changed our mind to just get some drinks and chill.

Before that, we were for supper late dinner at Old Town Kopitiam.

her laksa

my rendang chicken'

After getting our drinks, we went to the park nearby and have our chit chat session.

it was fun hanging out with my crazy woman :)

p/s - David Archuleta is so adorable wei *drools*