Sunday, April 26, 2009

The David.

Hey peeps, I'm back from my family trip. Reached back home this morning around 1am :)

Will blog about my trip soon alright? Too many pictures to upload! I guess my sis will be uploading most of the pictures in her facebook. Oh I look weird/ugly in the pictures T__T

By the way, nowadays, I was like going gaga over David Archuleta :P

He is freaking adorable! Don't ya think so?

p/s - Put me in your dream! :D


~JL~ said...

David Archuletais gay !!! xÞ

Victoria said...


~JL~ said...

yeah la !! you see his face like faggot only .. xÞ

boney said...

he does not look like a faggot..altho i dont know him but give him a break he looks like a kid