Friday, April 17, 2009


I have a very productive activities after my final exams. On wednesday, I had footsal with college mates and yesterday, we went for badminton at Bandar Puteri. A total of 13 of us were there for badminton. It was so damn fun :)

So when is our next round, people?

so cute kan?! :)

Was supposed to go for swimming today but then, I need a break wei. Whole body is aching but I'm 100% okay! tee hee~

p/s - I want to be active in sports! Yay!


~JL~ said...

hmm .. see when's the next time when everyone is free .. Just hope that we can do something like that at least one day for every week .. =_) .. Play for 2 days then body ache already ?? I think you need to exercise more often and have to take care .. Hehe .. =_)

Victoria said...

hmm ya wei. but everyone is like staying diff place. hopefully can play footsal or badminton again la! lol. u think i superwoman meh? i need to rest my body one wei. haha. thanks anyways! :)