Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here it goes again?!

(Simon's bday party @ Han Jia's place on the 28th March 09)

Oh it was my ex-husband birthday party :) Haha! Han Jia was the host for this party. Boy, thanks for inviting.

It was a great party to meet up with my high school friends and also the Mahsa friends and not forgetting, Jade ; an ex Mahsa student.

Pictures credit go to Jenny Kuma, Karyn and Jing :)


o.0 yum yum

the birthday cake which I dint get to eat :/

the host ; Han Jia!

the 5R girls
why this picture so kecil?

the high school babes :)

with Jing Jing

carmen mui mui :)

the girls with the future pilot : Philbert :)

yea, that's me acting cute :P

my dearest kumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

oh this cake is for one of simon's college mates.
Her birthday was on the day itself.

p/s - I promise you, you will never walk alone <3

pp/s - Home alone! :P

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