Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dye dye die

How's my lovely people doing? It's almost end of the year. Hopefully December will be a good month for everyone. Time to get ready to say goodbye to 2013 soon. 

Just re-dye my hair the other day at Malacca since I have some free time. 

Surprisingly, dye my whole head cost me rm120 including treatment. It's not a high end saloon but still a saloon what. 

I don't really bother about high class branded saloon. I only concern about the outcome of my hair colour and guess what?!! 

I'm in love with my new hair colour! 
I love it so much until I look into the mirror like 1037473920161819 times a day :D

Messy hair but look at the colour! Pretty isn't? :) :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meow meow

I just came back from facial, straight after work and I'm tired :( moreover, I need to wake up as early as 0400 for work tomorrow -.- I love my job booo


Sometimes people tend to do nice things to nice people. If you aren't a nice person, people won't do anything nice for you. I believe in that. So people who isn't nice, please try to be one :) it's no harm being nice to anyone out there. I know the world is cruel but not everyone is bad. There are still nice people out there right?

The other day, I was flying with this nice leading steward and he was called up on his birthday (poor thing). We actually didn't know it was his birthday until a stewardess told us. She accidentally checked on his airport pass and she found out it was actually his birthday. 

The worst part was our flight was delayed and we only did Kuching flight. We were thinking on what can we buy for him at Kuching airport. 

We didn't want to buy any food like cake for him because we wanted to buy something memorable for him. 

So ended up, we managed to find this cute cat statue : 

And we as cabin crew, we're like mutli tasker and we can do anything. That's how the birthday wish and names mentioned in the birthday present. 

Hopefully Han Kie likes the present. It was just something small for him only :) 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

So many November babies

Damn it. I'm so sleepy due to lack of sleep as I went to work after 3hours of sleep/nap only. Zombiefied :0 


Here you go, Taryna's birthday post. The day after my mom's birthday, it was one of my bestie'a birthday which fall on the 16th Nov. Exactly a day after my mom's. That's why I can remember it so well. Lol *joking* don't be mad Taryna <3

Camwhore 1st while on the way to pyramid. We had lunch at Delicious, Pyramid. Just a small gathering to celebrate her birthday. 

   The birthday girl! 10 years of friendship and still counting <3

The three musketeers ; Birthday girl, yours truly & the girl who just got into a relationship. Congrats jenny kuma! 

We're bestie for 10years already. Can't imagine how time flies. We're all grown up :') 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mummy the dearest

1. Happy birthday Taryna! 

(I'll blog about her birthday after this one)

2. Yesterday the 15th was my very precious mom's birthday. She always prefer a small celebration with the family only, therefore we decided to have dinner at Chilli's, Empire. 

All 5 of us, including my fiancée were there to have dinner with her. I hope she enjoyed herself. 

   With the brother who always bully me 

Sadly, I didn't snap a pic with my fiancée as he needed to leave earlier cause of work. But I'm glad that he made it for dinner with us :) Love you honey! 

 The princess of the day with her so-call- prince :S 

Here comes the pictures of the food we ordered : 

You guys won't be hungry because when this post is out, it's already pass dinner time. Haha 

Oops, there's supper time. So Malaysian!

Small little brownie on the house for this birthday lady. 

           Happy birthday mummy! 
            You're my everything <3 

Of course the brownie won't be the one cake for the day. I brought a Haagen Dasz coffee and white chocolate ice cream for her. 

Damn, it's so pretty. And the coffee ice cream is good although I don't take caffeine but the white chocolate is so damn sweet. Oh sweet tooth :( 

The incomplete family. Missing you little sis and baby bro :(   

But they wanted to be in the picture too. Haha. They sent this to us. Don't worry, we'll try to photoshop your picture into our family picture lol 

      How adorable my siblings are <3

Most pictures above were taken by Vincent's phone. I was pretty much lazy to snap pictures nowadays. Bummer ._.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boo ya

Anyone out there missing me? 

How ironic because after I snapped this pic, I went back home and took a nap. Then boo ya, a pimple popped on my face. Geez. And it's between my both eyebrow and I look like an Indian now. 

Stress! Stress! Help help. Say NO to pimples :( :( 

Friday, November 08, 2013

Nepal again!

Yays! 2nd time to Kathmandu, Nepal. I usually don't fancy place like Nepal or India (will blog about my Hyderabad trip soon) but I love seeing the scenery on the way flying into Kathmandu. You can literally see the Mount Everest and Himalaya scenery when flying into KTM. 
Such a pretty scenery :) 

I had a night in KTM last few days. Stayed in Hyatt Recency hotel. Approximately 15-2mins from the airport. 

    The bedroom. The bed is so comfy.

Went out for dinner with the crews. The standard place where crews always go for dinner is Anatonia restaurant, a Turkish restaurant with free wifi. Am happy got free wifi. So kiasu. Haha. Because the hotel doesn't provide wifi :( 

    Chicken tandoori and cheese naan. 

Since it was nearby deepavali, there was a decoration with the colour rice thingy in the lobby. 

So many pretty thing in Kathmandu :D 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New month

Hello November! How time flies. Geez, why you fly so fast? Scary. Although it's almost end of the year but still, welcome November. I hope you'll treat me well and please don't flies so fast. I have so many stuffs to plan from now onwards until mid of next year. 

Big thing happening to me. Stage of life and I'm so glad about it :) 

So happy that I have him and my family members with me all this while :)