Thursday, November 21, 2013

So many November babies

Damn it. I'm so sleepy due to lack of sleep as I went to work after 3hours of sleep/nap only. Zombiefied :0 


Here you go, Taryna's birthday post. The day after my mom's birthday, it was one of my bestie'a birthday which fall on the 16th Nov. Exactly a day after my mom's. That's why I can remember it so well. Lol *joking* don't be mad Taryna <3

Camwhore 1st while on the way to pyramid. We had lunch at Delicious, Pyramid. Just a small gathering to celebrate her birthday. 

   The birthday girl! 10 years of friendship and still counting <3

The three musketeers ; Birthday girl, yours truly & the girl who just got into a relationship. Congrats jenny kuma! 

We're bestie for 10years already. Can't imagine how time flies. We're all grown up :') 

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