Friday, November 08, 2013

Nepal again!

Yays! 2nd time to Kathmandu, Nepal. I usually don't fancy place like Nepal or India (will blog about my Hyderabad trip soon) but I love seeing the scenery on the way flying into Kathmandu. You can literally see the Mount Everest and Himalaya scenery when flying into KTM. 
Such a pretty scenery :) 

I had a night in KTM last few days. Stayed in Hyatt Recency hotel. Approximately 15-2mins from the airport. 

    The bedroom. The bed is so comfy.

Went out for dinner with the crews. The standard place where crews always go for dinner is Anatonia restaurant, a Turkish restaurant with free wifi. Am happy got free wifi. So kiasu. Haha. Because the hotel doesn't provide wifi :( 

    Chicken tandoori and cheese naan. 

Since it was nearby deepavali, there was a decoration with the colour rice thingy in the lobby. 

So many pretty thing in Kathmandu :D 

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