Friday, August 30, 2013

Maldives babeh

Finally, oh my don't be jelly about this. Have you been to male aka Maldives? Ohhh I can proudly said I DID and its not for holiday or trip that I have to come out my own money but it was because of work. Malaysia Airlines do fly to Maldives but recently, we have nightstop there. Before this we were doing turnaround flight. Midnight zombie flight :/ 

Arrived there around midnight so we decided to chill by the pool side with some snacks and drinks. 

         The water is so clear. 
          Look at the small fish.

The next day, we woke up early and took the boat shuttle to the main city. There are many small islands in Maldives. 

                Our free boat ride 

       The group picture include the tech crews :)

                    The main city 

We paid a visit to the fish market.

             Look at the Tuna Fish.
So freaking big and I wonder how heavy does it weigh 😯

And we also went to the vegetable market. All the fruits and vegetable there are so fresh and huge. Really huge :0 

         Huge banana banana banana ~

                  Practicing yoga :) 

      OMG! Look at the sea. So clear. 
   Like heaven *as if I been to heaven lol*

       While waiting for our shuttle back to the hotel. It was very hot 😣

       The hotel provided by our company

The amazing view from my room during the daytime :)

Swimming and snorkeling are the must activities in Maldives. However, I'm not a water sport person so I wasted my time by helping the rest to snap pictures and taking care of their personal belongings haha

     Chilling by the pool before call time 

Maldives is wonderful. Great place for relaxation and honeymoon. Everything there is pretty expensive because the most common currency used is US Dollar *kachi kachi* 

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