Saturday, July 29, 2006

mega sales means shopping time!yeah!

yum yum ~
our yummy yummy drinks!mine is da blue colour de..

alene & me at kim gary =p

haha juz now went mid valley wif jenny, alene n linda..went there for shopping but i din reali buy lots of stuff due to i am damn broke!aik..can say as i teman my frens go buy their stuff la..we went for lunch at kim gary..walau must line up wei at kim gary..there got lots of customers.. sob! kim gary's food are yummy!i damn love it wei..guess wat jenny linda n alene first time eating at kim gary mid valley..swt! =.=" after makan then lepak lepak la but linda suddenly not well so she went bak three of us continue our journey..haha.. err was very fun lepaking wif them cos i am da clown there who keep on making them laugh.. *winks*

aiyo i din reali enjoy shoping cos i am broke but le i enjoy eating lor..we dranks fruit juice..then i went to buy snacks to eat while keng i think i getting fatter d noe wat if wanna me tell da whole story abt today outing i think it will takes long of time..i now very tired n lazy to be continue la k.. tata ~

Thursday, July 27, 2006

region 5 soutn n north leo club joint installation ^^

hey ppl there is a region 5 south n north leo club joint installation coming in mid of august..leo club tat involes is as shown as below :

1. leo club of Sri KL
2. leo club of SMK USJ 4
3. leo club of SMK USJ8
4. leo club of SMK La Salle PJ
5. leo club of SMK Subang Jaya
6. leo club of SMK Subang Utama
7. leo club of SMK Batu Lapan
8. leo club of SMK Seafiled

Detail of installation :

Venue ~ Sri Sedaya skool hall
Time ~ 1.30pm - 6pm
Date ~ 19th of august 2006
Price ~ rm12
Attire ~ semi formal/club uniform

anyone who wanna purchase da ticket can contact me ya!
hope to see you guys there!
try to attend it k.. =)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

zZzzzz!!! *yawn*

hmm today i 'ter-ponteng' skool..wait!! actually not say actually i not well so din go to skool..sacre i ter-make my fren sick ma so din plan to go skool..hahaha..see i am such a good fren rite! =) *perasan*

- stuff i did today- :
i. i went hunting for places to do da leo name tags..went find at ss15..ss14..summit aso don have!
waste my mom time onli..i felt so bad for my mom cos she have to drive me everywhere!
juz wAnna say 'mama wo Ai ni oh' muaxx! wat she had done for me i reali apprecaite it.. =)
after tat we juz realise tat ia a place near my hse got do da name tags thingy!omg! da shop located damn
near to my hse onli wor..sob! wates my mummy petrol onli..aik! >.<

ii. i followed my mom ioi bussiness park there to sign some sales agreeement thingy la..walau
there was damn boring..onli things can do there is see my mom signing those stuff le..sien!!

err not mistaken tat is all wat i had done la..ohya! i went to be a piggy too..
be a piggy means went to 'oi oi'.. *onik onik*

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm back yo! you like it!

hey ppl!long time din updated my blog liao..i am damn busy wif my leo stuff..although is very stressful but i enjoyed it so much..haha i am weird huh? lol
err our beloved leo club have a blog when you guys free then go visit it la k..
must visit it ya cos got my name there..muahaha! *winks*

stuff i damn pissed off today :
1.our installation meeting was canceled n i din noe abt it..make me go there for nth onli..waste my sleeping time!aik but luckily got jenny n mun mun from sj to teman me.. =p leo member who din pay for their name tags..i wont do their name tags for them!hmmph!

Friday, July 21, 2006

i felt weird!

hmmm..i had a leo general meeting juz now right after skool..i felt a kind of weird feeling which i dunno wat the hell is da feeling is when i conduct that general meeting..omg wei! =.=
i am so half dead cos i juz finish 'chopping' my club logo on da 500 installation hand damn pain d..i did all this by myself..aik later at 7pm got installation meeting in burger king..i am so tired but still have to attend da meeting..haiz!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


as usual la wake up early in da morning then go skool n come bak.. goin to skool is somehow is like a daily routine..damn hate it when need to study but damn love it when can keng kai n fooling around wif all my frens! =) that why da words ' bitter' from bittersweet day word is aiming to my skool life which is damn bored n i don like it!
omg i am being stress cos my leo stuff again..arghhhh! actually if one of da BOD did mistake does da president get da scolding ah?!! damn it wei! i was juz trying to help up but da fella din appreciate it but blame me pulak..wat is this man!!! ish ish!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

mine new w700i~~~

haha my new w700i!! lol

hehe i got new fone!yea yea finally get buy a new fone but le so sad cos mostly my contact in my old fone i din copy it cos too much liao..i got around 600+ contact le..sob sob! ='(

haha =p

hey ppl! vic is bak! haha..sorrie wei damn blur case n stress today..thanks to my leo club stuffies~ usual after came bak from skool then take my bath n eat my lunch then do my blog lor..
while doin dis blog surely listen to my fav song 'ge wo ni de ai' ! loves his song so muchie~~
ermn today in skool out leo club organize a fun raising project..we sell junk food n many ppl bought it..thanks for yr support ya! =) weeeeeee~~~~ ^^
yea yea i mayb changing fone but cant think of any nice fone? anyone can give theirs opinion ma??
omg i cant believe that even small boi noe how to ponteng skool wei? izzit weird for a form1 n form2 student to ponteng skool ar? hmmph!
althought i aso got ponteng la but they are small boi wor..haihz..wat a sad case!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

jenny got blog liao!! ^^

haha jenny got blog liao oh..thank to me kua..haha..*perasan* lol..aik juz now went the curve wif 2 of bro..went there to get sumthing n eat ikea ice cream onli then go home..wah i think my bro damn free lor drive there n come bak home..haha juz finish toking on da fone wif him onli..nth much le actually.. =) hmmph i wanna go sleep d la..stop ere la! tata nitez!

err an outing day wif my beloved frens??

jenny taryna n me tengah SS at summit!!

aiyo i went out again juz now..tat why i now damn broke la..haih! juz now went to sedaya wif jenny n taryna to book da sedaya hall for joint installation on da 19th of august! pls come for the joint installation k!hehe.. =p
when reach there i meet dixon cos he noe da person incharge of da hall thingy..after 45mins we are done wif our stuff d including visiting da hall..damn huge wei da hall..wah!
after tat we went to summit for lunch but dixon din went cos he is still in skool..
when reach summit d we straight away go eat mcd cos everyone is damn hungry especially jenny..haha! while eating we chat abt lots of stuff..damn long we din go out together liao cos we all very busy..was having lots of fun there cos we went tai kei aso..we played rock 3 fever n i played basketball games..praticing my shooting skills wif it..haha..
not onli tat we aso SS at there..damn lame lor but i think is fun.. =)
aik i aso think i made jenny n taryna wanna do theirs own blog..thanks to me ya!
btw sorry wei damn pic we took quite blur le.. >.<

Monday, July 17, 2006

cant tahan!!

damn it my lil bro damn annoying! tak boleh tahan.. keep on disturbing me wif his new fone! ceh so wat man is juz a new fone la k..stop disturbing me la pls!!!!! go go go away!!! ish i better go sleep la..cant tahan liao..if i din sleep i surely will smack him d!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

me blog damn sux wei!

wth my blog damn sux wei! i wan redesign it lah..who can help me?
sorry wei i not very good in designing all this thingy anyone kind enough to help me?
hopefully there is a ppl who are damn bloody kind who will help me..i will damn appreciate it!
=) haha

tiredness day! aik! =s

omg today at skool got dis stupid waste of time onli doin it but it was quite ok la actually..hehe..after skool went to jenny's hse lepak there awhile then walk bak to skool then go home..jenny is a small cute gal cos she need me to bring her go across da road..she so cute wei!
hey it wasn't insulting k..well jenny follow me home..we spend around 1hours+ thinking wat to wear to attend da final audition at sri kl auditorium n spend time listening to our fav song by Tank- 'ge wo ni de ai' means give me yr love in bahasa inggeris!haha..
ermn we had lots of fun at my hse..*hmmph*
later around 3.30pm i called a cab to go srikl skool but then da driver almost bring us to asia jaya da kelana jaya lrt station b'cos i think he heard wrongly d! da driver so damn 'pandai' rite..we were like omg but luckily we arrived at srikl safely without any injury..wakaka! =p
aik at srikl were reali boring but thanks god i got my dearest jenny, shwan n kelvin there to teman me..shawn n kelvin are da usj4 breakdancer ya! they are so cool!love them lots! =)
jian pang was there too n he perform a song wif his was reali nice n i like his voice! how i wish i can sing as well as him? *dreaming*
you guys noe wat i cant believe that srikl got a auditorium's like so unbelievable.. >.<
finally audition habis liao..we walked to asia cafe to meet my bro n adrian so that he can fetch us bak..when reach there we ate takoyaki..i juz ate it yesterday n i ate it again juz now..sorry i too loves dat cute takoyaki..haha..i got a damn big shocked when i saw stephen there cos i was smsing him n he din tell me tat he will be there..haha..damn freaking shocked cos he suddenly appear! i n jenny was OMFG n keep on laughing like mad onli..ahahahahaha! after tat we went in da car..sending adrian then jenny n i n my bro went fitness..walau wei i damn tired lor after fitness so i decided to buy a big bottle of 7up to drink liao so can cool down a lil bit..ish ish!
da 7up din work wei! wat a waste! sob! gone la my rm3.40..ish ish! ^^
after wen reach home d i must busy wif my leo stuff pulak..wah i damn stress wei! aik! anyone can help me to release my stress?? ohya i need eat ice-cream to cool down!anyone wanna buy for me?i need it! haha =p

Sunday Nite!! =)

aik din go eat wat i wanted..sob!but i went out to makan wif my stupid bro at asia..
mybro help me order my so call fav food la name 'takoyaki' yummy! then my bro pulak copy wat i eat..i told him abt a story of a guy name ong chin soon..omg he is weird!trust me you wont want to noe him cos he is so totally freaking weird n scary! >.<
*yawning* oops i gtg oioi d..lil bro wanna blog!nitez sweetdream!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

sunday so sien.. SSS..

y today so sien de? i want to eat blueberry cheese tart.. i hope kor kor will bring me go eat cheese tart tonight.. yum yum!