Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A break from everything

Yes, I'm on break currently. But no I'm not back in subang just yet :) Soon soon! Most probably, I will not be having internet from later until the 30th, hence I shall blog something up 1st. Lets update something from some outdated outing. Yes! Hahaha

There was a period where a friend of mine came from Cheras. He came down to singapore for the raya celebration. I managed to meet up with him for only 1 day because I was busy at that period. Glad meeting up with you, Adam *doubt that he will see this*

Early dinner @Makan Sutra, Esplanade

he claimed he look like a dog here. a hungry one!

brought him to the library for a visit. Such a peaceful place to study somemore got leng chai and leng lui to look at LOL

@the rooftop of Esplanade

Mandarin Oriental, Conrad & Ritz-Carlton hotel

the merlion, one of singapore national icon

with adam & the merlion
the picture is from his camera

the happy boy lol

ION Orchard

LION DANCE BABYYYYYYY!! happy happy *jumping with joy*

the starbucks cake that I've been craving for :P

Okay, got to go. I will be back actively when there is internet connection. Till then, have a good weekdays ahead although weekdays are the days where everyone needs to go school/work/whatever :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yum yum!

How come I have so many pictures of food in my camera? Make me feel like i'm a big eater or something -.- But honestly, i'm starving now. Gonna find for some food now. Byeeeeee ~

the super sinful food but it tasted super awesome :P

the awesome wantan noodles

ice kacang in a plastic bowl

whampoa hawker centre fried kway teow

sweet sour pork, steamed egg and tofu mixed rice

Something different. Got this from Mandy. Thanks girl :)

I like pure lotus mooncake. I don't like the ones that have yolks

Counting down to the days :D Yays!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last day for this sem

Another scheduled post because I'm busy with appointments as I already done with my exams! woots :P

This semester was our last semester for our diploma in tourism and hospitality management. During the last day of this semester, a total of only approximately 20 out of 50 students came to class -.- All being lazy to come because it was a late evening class. However, yours truly wasn't lazy but she was 10mins late lol. Come on, late is better than absent right? :P

i got a special treat :)

You know I'll always miss you right? :(

our snacks during classes :S

with mandy, yi fan and cui wei (I think he camera shy)

he said : I've to be serious so I can't smile -____-

Some of my classmates with Mr.Ching, our f&b service operations lecturer

Mandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Guess how old is she?

Yi fan, Cui Wei & Freeman

Studying in Singapore is indeed a good and challenging experience. However, being away from home is not as easy as it seems especially for me who is a family girl (i damn proud of myself can). I stick to my family no matter what. Family is my first priority :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All time favourite

Schedule post because I didn't want to leave my blog not updated just because of my finals. Felt uneasy for leaving the latest post which is obviously an outdated post stays as the latest post for days. Hence, a short schedule post for the fun for it :)

Want to know my all time favourite biscuits? It's pretty an old school kind of biscuit. I used to remember that those biscuits are usually sold in a smart and antique kind of grocery shop where you can buy like how many gram or kilogram of them. Fortunately, I managed to buy them in those kind of shops nearby my place. I don't like the ones that are sold in the supermarket. It tastes different :S

Funny thing is that I don't even know what is this biscuit called as.
Let me know the name of this biscuit if anyone of you really know it. Thank you :D

lets just call them as the sweet sweet biscuits for the moment lol

It is extra delicious to eat it with vanilla ice cream although ice cream is really fattening.

On the other hands, sorry peeps I couldn't reply the your messages on my chatbox at this moment :( Busy with finals! It's a crucial exams for me and by the time this post is published, I'm already on the way to the school! Wish me luck can?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not for sale

Lately, I have adapt to this habit of drinking green tea while studying. As far as I know, green tea provides a number of advantages to our health. For your info, I'm drinking IRO IRO Jireh House Green Tea. IRO IRO sounds cute right? I went to google and search what does it mean in japanese. IRO IRO simply means different/various things. I wonder whether is it true or not. Oh well, doesn't matter because I love drinking this green tea.

Do you know one sachet of this green tea can brew up to 3 cups of green tea?

The advantages of green tea are :
  • Helps in weight control
  • Possesses as anti-diabetics and anti-aging properties prevent cavities
  • Reduce cancer and coronary heart disease risk
  • Improve cholesterol rate in the body
  • Cleans one body from toxins
  • Acts as a distress agent whenever I'm studying *Oh well, this applies to me*

No, this is not an advertisement. I'm just being kind to share with everyone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His trademark yellow boots

On the 4th September, I went back to Malaysia. Not KL but I just cross the sea that separate Malaysia and Singapore where Johor Bahru is located. Haha! I went there because my cousin has 2 dinner table so I was invited. Since it was a weekend, why not just grab the opportunity and have a great weekend right? So I did seize the opportunity and I did have a great weekend despite it was only a short trip :)

Going to Johor Bahru and coming back to Singapore are super convenient.

Hello Tesco, Johor Bahru

Yes, dinner with Gurmit Singh. He was the HOST for the dinner :)

I brought her as well because she hasn't been to Malaysia.
Moreover, I don't have a bf to bring :(

This is Clement Chow who is well known as a songwriter in Singapore

Gurmit Singh can sing too? Honestly, I didn't know that :S

Just when he walked pass my table, my camera setting was too dark, hence the outcome of this picture :(

I got attracted to the light instead of Gurmit Singh LOL

thanks to someone super mega bright flash! Oh the buns were awesome.
I ate 2 of them because they were damn good

Some pictures of the dishes that night ;

Lee Teng was there as well

Ronnie & his parents and niece :)

our snacks for the trip
nom nom ~

brushing teeth before heading to bed

Goodbye Johor Bahru *waves hand*

We didn't do much during this trip because we were rushing to avoid the peak hour. We didn't want to queue for hours at the immigration. By the way, I think the JB and Singapore immigration do not sleep because there are a lot of people crossing the sea every single day.