Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His trademark yellow boots

On the 4th September, I went back to Malaysia. Not KL but I just cross the sea that separate Malaysia and Singapore where Johor Bahru is located. Haha! I went there because my cousin has 2 dinner table so I was invited. Since it was a weekend, why not just grab the opportunity and have a great weekend right? So I did seize the opportunity and I did have a great weekend despite it was only a short trip :)

Going to Johor Bahru and coming back to Singapore are super convenient.

Hello Tesco, Johor Bahru

Yes, dinner with Gurmit Singh. He was the HOST for the dinner :)

I brought her as well because she hasn't been to Malaysia.
Moreover, I don't have a bf to bring :(

This is Clement Chow who is well known as a songwriter in Singapore

Gurmit Singh can sing too? Honestly, I didn't know that :S

Just when he walked pass my table, my camera setting was too dark, hence the outcome of this picture :(

I got attracted to the light instead of Gurmit Singh LOL

thanks to someone super mega bright flash! Oh the buns were awesome.
I ate 2 of them because they were damn good

Some pictures of the dishes that night ;

Lee Teng was there as well

Ronnie & his parents and niece :)

our snacks for the trip
nom nom ~

brushing teeth before heading to bed

Goodbye Johor Bahru *waves hand*

We didn't do much during this trip because we were rushing to avoid the peak hour. We didn't want to queue for hours at the immigration. By the way, I think the JB and Singapore immigration do not sleep because there are a lot of people crossing the sea every single day.

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