Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Choose wisely

Yes, choose wisely because we were given only 2 choices. The choices were 1. To attend EASB Sports Day or 2.Detention Class. If we were late or absent for the sports day, yes we'll have to attend detention class what kind of bullshit is this The detention class definition is simply different from any normal detention class from other schools.

For EASB aka East Asia Institute of Management, the detention class is to sign in to school at 9am and sign out from school at 6pm! You tell me, who own earth will want to go for detention class? Apparently, there are some of my classmates are in detention class now :S Good luck people *grins*

Obviously, I'm not that stupid to do something that wont bring me any benefit like attending detention class. Hence, I went to the event that was held at Queenstowns Stadium which located 45minutes away by bus @.@ Not forgetting, the report time to reach the stadium was 7am!!! We were reminded that attendance will be taken at 7am.

So unwillingly I woke up at 5.30am on a saturday morning and went for breakfast at MCD with Mandy before taking a bus to the destination. It was my first and last time waking up this freaking early in the morning. Please it was on a saturday mind you.

snapped this around 6.15am. So empty

while walking to the stadium *yawning*

We reached the stadium at 7.15am but attendance was only taken around 10am.
We kena conned! Ish ish

This is Nisha's Guru and her name is Gee *singing gee gee baby baby baby*

the blue house cheerleading

yellow house cheerleading

I didn't snap pictures for the green house cheerleading because I was busy recording their performance. I have uploaded it in facebook by the way.

jimmy *i dont think so he will see this*, please stop going around and telling people about me! -.-
I don't want to be famous in school!

with my green house captain, Sameer!

Saw my tweets last saturday?! Fyi, I won 3 medals for this year sports day. Champion for pool and captain ball. And, I was forced *okay not force but got cheated* to run for the 4x400m. I tell you, I almost died that day. I'm not a long distance runner yet I joined that event as my lecturer literally begged me to run :( So I just run with my converse shoe! OMG! As a result, I have few blister on my legs T___T

yays! with our medal from captain ball!

Thanks to Miss Jessica for being so supportive :)

And, I love my girls

See all the smiling faces!

Nisha, our beloved and funny captain with one of her classmates who others claimed that he looks like a korean artist. Does he?

the 4x400m girls! Well done :)

Last but not least,

Thanks for being there for me :D

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, if I had any idea that EASB was like this (both academically and in extra-curricular stuff), I wouldn't have applied.

Their marketing is really really good, but the actual service offered is utter bullshit.

I fail to understand how they got the EduTrust thing. Their 'English' teachers teach Singlish, and students who bum around all year pass while students who work their asses off get their grades pulled down to below 80%.

This is not an academic institution, it is a money-making machine that cheats students who really care to learn.