Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From the North

If you have seen my tweets for the past few days, you should know that jenny and carmen were in singapore for 5days for holiday and also visit me *am i right?*

Luckily I was able to meet up with them for the 5 days. I didn't skip any classes for them. Hence, I only meet up with them after my classes. Friends are important so as education. It's funny where we never spend 5 days straight together when I was back in subang except for high school duration. However, it's extremely fun spending my time with them. So many things to update and catch up with. I'll be listing down what did I do during their stay here.

1. Dinner with them @ Somerset 313 after meeting up in Orchard

korean cuisine for the day

2. Met up with Carmen's friends ; Jasper & Mark

us in one of her friend's car (not sure whether is jasper or mark's car)

don't know what is this called but it is one awesome food

3. Hanging out with them together with 2 Malaysian friends who are currently studying in NUS, National University of Singapore.

so kuma-ish xD *don't know why did i put this as a caption also*

You can't find this freaking good chocolate peanut cake in Malaysia ;p

To be continue . . . . . . .
Need to get ready for class later! :(

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