Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nobody nobody but you

I spent my last saturday with my girls. We went for karaoke session as suggested by one of the girls whom I actually not sure is who also -.- Place to meet up that day was at Bugis mrt at 5pm. Before heading to the karaoke place, we went for early dinner 1st. Our early dinner was as early as 6pm! God, this is damn early right? I usually take my dinner around 8-9pm! However, it's beneficial to eat early but I'll get hungry after 10pm :( oh well

here comes the 2 poser ; Zaocee & Tea

she was unhappy because need to wait for 20mins++ for tea to pick us up

angel was talking to jenny on the phone

what brand is this car belongs to?

time to pick our snacks

@Party World, The Verge

Since some of us are from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea, we chose the variety songs from English all the way to Vietnamese songs. Try to imagine how many languages can you learn when you hang out with us.

we were warming up 1st

tess looks so cute here and i know she likes this picture

baby roli the cat with angel

woots. although she is an indonesian but she can sing chinese songs.

tea, zaocee & selina

with baby roli
(we call her baby because she is the youngest among us but yet she is ALREADY ENGAGED!!!)

with selina & zaocee

Tess was busy singing whereas angel was there to disturb her lol

order yr food please girls

my camwhore partner, selina park

oops sorry tea i didn't mean to disturb you when you were singing :(

baby roli, tess and yours truly

zaocee the poser as usual

-.- get a room girls!

100% concentration


don't worry. this picture is for illustration purposes ONLY

acting cute :P

L:R ; Angel, Tess, Jenny & Selina

the vietnamese's sexyback

Suri & Tea with baby roli's hand as the picture spoiler

looking good girls :)

with jennyyyyyyyyyyy :)

like i said earlier! this for illustration purposes

we kicked her out from the room LOL! *jokes*

say hello to Lina

group picture :D :D :D

the bling bling pillow

Suri has a bf so yea she is straight! Hahahaha

Don't worry, most of the girls here are straight including me. Just that tea and roli are too loving already -.- So girls, when is our next random outing?

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