Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The day of the wedding

Good morning peeps. Last night I couldn't sleep well because of my toothache. Woke up at 3.50am just to take painkiller for it. Now I'm awake waiting for call for my dental appointment. Please call me before 12pm because I have class at 1pm :( Hopefully my toothache is something small and doesn't need any extraction *praying hard* Oh you know what, I never like to go to the dentist because I dislike the sound of the equipment that every dentist uses.

Continue from the a day before the wedding post ;

The next morning, we were supposed to be at the Mandarin Orchard hotel at 7.30am. However, we didn't make it on time because of the heavy downpour and there was a car break down on the way to Orchard. Ohhhh you know why we need to be at the hotel so early? Because my sis and I were my cousin's bridemaids. Heheh! My 1st time being a bridemaid. Not an easy task.

the morning face

lets take a picture with a smile on our face :)

Reached the Mandarin Orchard Hotel around 9am. Checked in into a room because we need to iron our bridemaid dress. Not last minute okayyyy. We don't have the iron back in our hotel what.

Before ironing, we took some pictures of the room. Ehhh 5 star hotel room okay. Who doesn't want to snap some picture of it? Moreover, I don't think so I have the chance to stay in this hotel at the moment unless someone willing to bring me go stay there lol.

see even my sis want to take picture of herself with the toilet mirror

After ironing and everything, there is a make up artist and hair do artist helping us to do some make up and hair do of course.

the outcome :) I know i look short here

my sis looking good as usual :D

daddy with the bride and groom wedding picture

we're the daddy girls

I was surprised that my hair has grew longer
Please grow faster my dearest hair

nahhhh im not that short anyways and my heels is not that tall

Our task on that day was marching in. Basically, we were the entourage. Something like a bridemaid. While marching in, it was a scary moment because everyone was staring at me and snapping pictures. Honestly, I was really nervous at that moment but luckily I didn't faint. Hahah

After that, they had the preaching of sermon, solemnization of marriage, unity candle and holy communion. They are Christian, therefore, they need all these ceremony. After those ceremonies, sis and I went up to the room and got a change.

sorry I was super hungry so I didn't bother looking at the camera

with jie jie pei pei

the siblings. big bro wasn't around because he was in melbourne at the moment enjoying his holiday :(

aunty lisa & mummy

the dessert was mouth watering! I like

lil boy with mom

family picture excluding big bro

the wedding cake. why nobody wanna eat it?

justin & lil boy


mom & dad!

sis was freezing that night

i love taking picture of flowers but honestly, i don't really like to receive one

I was damn jakun because this was my 1st time taking picture with a wedding cake

you're the most welcome :D

with pei ern, ronnie's niece

tea ceremony after the lunch

us with jie jie bee lian

After done with the wedding, us the siblings together with Justin went to Bugis. Justin tagged along because if he didn't, he gonna be alone as his parents went to Sentosa to check out the casino. Basically, my parents also went to check out the casino.

we were walking around just to find for this shop

one of the oldest hotel in singapore, raffles hotel

waiting for bus to bring us to the north east line mrt station to get to VivoCity to meet our parents

we got the bus all by ourselves for 5 mins so we made use of it by camwhoring

hello there vain pot


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