Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just a short update. Today, I was out with my college mates for a movie after seeing our result in college. I was late today cause cant wake up in the morning. Kept on switching off my alarm :/

We went to Sunway Pyramid for this :

It was okay. I think it's nice lah. Not sure about other's opinion on this movie =)

After movie, we went for lunch in SAKAE SUSHI. Didn't take any pictures cause my stomach was not feeling well =/

I got a shirt from Catch Up cause of the something that dirty my white shirt. Aiks! Thanks to someone who bought me that shirt. Hugs :)

After that, we all were lifeless as SP got nothing better to do. Su Ling, Yoke Foong and Chi Yen went off cause don't wanna join us to hang out in Li Hou's house. So yuki and joe tag with me whereas denise tag into li hou's car. I arrived his house meanwhile they were still finding for their parking. Totally =.=""

she loves peace :D

sleepy bum :)

We played this :

This is higher technology of monopoly game wei cause we used credit card loh not cash anymore. I felt so noob cause I hardly play board game one >.<

Later at 9.50pm, had dinner with the two brother at ss15 Canadian Pizza.

p/s - I had a great day today although I was bothered by lots of things =/

Why why Love?

Basically, my semester break is quite the boring and my sleeping time is all upside down. Since I hardly go out so I started my bad habits again by watching taiwanese drama titled WHY WHY LOVE. By the way, I'm still watching it. Haven't finish yet! *grins*

Reason why I choose to watch this cause of my leng chai, Kingone Wang! :)

he is super leng chai with the perfect looks, body size & height :D
(how great if could have a bf like him :P)


I just knew that I actually could changed someone to become a better person.
The changes I could make for this person are :

* From stubborn to not so stubborn
* From not caring to caring
* From not understanding to understanding
* From not loving to loving
* From lazy to hardworking
* From gamer to less gamer
* From impatient to patient
* From not styling my hair to styling my hair
* From not knowing how 2 dress properly to knowing how to dress properly
* From fat to fit
* From short to tall
* From shouting at parents to not shouting at them anymore
* From spendthrift to thrifty
* From not learning how to appreciate to appreciating
* From timid to brave
* From shy to more confident
* From not knowing how to start conversations with girls to knowing how to
* From no guts to call girls through the phone to have tons of guts
* From being lonely to being accompanied
* From being a bully to being a non-bully
* From giving chances to others to learn to grab chances
* From not knowing how to talk to know how to sweet talk
* From not knowing how to wins a girl heart to know to do so
* From lying to keeping promises

Copy & paste from someone's blog :)

Quite a sum of changes right?! I didn't know I could really do that. If it is really a good changes for him, then it's great. But then I suddenly felt like I'm controlling or demanding for it. Perhaps other will think the same as well?
By right, last time I'm the one who have make the changes for this specific guy and now it's the opposite way. Am I supposed to feel grateful?! :D

Moreover, please don't think I'm that good. Honestly, I'm not as good as you think I am. I just feel that you should not think that way. Is not the matter of I'm having low self-esteem or what but just that it's a right choice not to think that way.

Finally, I'm NOT emo & this part of the post is NOT an emo post!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

p/s - hopefully I can wake up early tomorrow =/

pp/s - happy b'day pearl ^^ Hugs!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the place I belong.

Alright, now it's time to blog about my wonderful place. Actually, the one and only wonderful place for me is MELAKA of cause.

(Melaka trip on the 25th-27th July 2008)

This time I'm able to go back there with my 2 lovely younger siblings and my mom. Normally, my sis won't have the free time to follow us back :)

please don't tell me i look fat here cause I WILL KILL YOU =/

my grandma *hearts*

At night, we had satay celup as dinner. Then, we went to Jonker street

my fisherman :)

she is pretty, right? :)


cute things ^^

grandma tried an experiment on a rambutan -.-"

kuma, this is for you as souviner :P
(at least i got remembered abt you, right?)

Slept super late early in the morning around 5am cause was on the phone with this boy. Enjoyed talking to him and also his accompany. Thanks boy. Hugs! :)

DAY 2.

Head to my daddy's mother house which is also in melaka but just different area. I love being in this grandma house cause during night, I really could see stars above of me unless there's cloud covering it lah :)

lovely baby bird

We played WII Sport. And because of that, my right hand now aching badly. Blame the tennis game. haha!

Slept at 4.20am cause watching a singaporean series with my lil boy. Crazy people!

DAY 3.

Woke up around noon if im not mistaken. sorry lah short term memory :( Could not sleep longer as there were relatives drop by. Don't know how am I related to them either. Heh

Around 4.30pm, dropped by to my mom's mom (means my grandma) house for a lil while. Grandpa was not well due to high fever. Sob!


Reached back Subang at 9.35pm.

And, I'm out although I still wanna blog about something. Remember, my right hand is aching badly? Till then, next time ya ^^

p/s - i miss my baby yuki :(

pp/s - 3 years is freaking long for me! Are you sure?


Okay, I'm back from this wonderful place. Will blog about it soon when I got the mood to do so.

Basically, I'm not in the mood now. Kinda feeling down. Don't wanna state the reason why here cause it's too revealing especially to someone! But I'll be fine when the sun rises tomorrow later.

p/s - my hair is not red anymore. wth!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures & B'day.

I steal some pictures from Darren's blog about the genting trip.
Obviously credit goes to him. Thanks Darren :)

So here it is :

super candid but I like :D

I damn like lion dance seriously :)

Lastly, this part of the post is dedicate to someone.


Hope you'll have a good one alright! :) this is a b'day present post specially for him!

He is a still great friend towards me although many things happen between us. But it's still a sweet memories towards me.

He is the one who
- showed me love and care
- sang a song for me while playing a guitar
- took picture of himself to prove that he really did drink water as I told him to
- make some special picture for me
- make me feel safe whenever I'm with him
- make a heart shape from a yoyo string
- make me feel warm when he held my hands
- suggested that we have a blog of our own and we really do have one last time

Anyways, there's too much I could say about him. The rest laid in me alright :)

Till then, Happy B'day boy!

p/s - I'm leaving to a wonderful place later. I like that place cause during night, I could see many stars above me :D