Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whatever it takes.

Am stuck at home due to my laziness to go out. So stay at home be a good girl by finishing up my homework and my stuff :) Besides that, if wanna go out today, surely very jammed and packed up which I somehow starting to dislikes this kind of environment although it's gonna be fun.

And then, today is one of my college mate's birthday! Since I'm free so decided to post a birthday post for him.

Happy 18th Birthday, Weng Tat !

Glad to have him as a friend. He is nice, funny and friendly :) Till then, hope you'll have a great one!

p/s - I miss you T___T

pp/s - You're really a stranger that could influence me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

You're the reason why.

Actually I have many randoms picture in my phone. Don't know who is the one who took those pictures. Some of them were took by my babe Yuki. Itchy hand la she! blek :P sayang ~

I like it because of you :)

Tried out something from Kennysia's blog as I got nothing to do. Haha!

Congratulations victoria, you are...

'PoiPoi' Apple Lim of

You look like a stereotypical bimbo outside but its a different story inside. You're a nice, simple, proud and straightforward person who believes what you're doing is right. You don't change people, and you love them for who they are. Your primary goal in life is to be happy, next to being pretty. You have your detractors but you don't let them bring you down. You go out of your way to help others out even before they ask, and for that they love you.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

p/s - listen up to Danson Tang Yu Zhen's song titled The One I Love Most is YOU :)

pp/s - I'm waiting for people to send me this song actually :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday Babe.

First and foremost, a birthday post for my lovely sister! Her b'day fall on today :)

Hereby, Happy Birthday Sis :) I love you lots!!

She is a sweet, pretty, hot and smart girl. Sometimes I do envy her. Really. She seems to be the perfect girl to me and I guess, most guys will eventually fall for her. I love her very much cause she is my one and only sister. We are a very close towards each other. And, I just love her accompany during the night where we always share our everything :) It's really an awesome feelings.

There's one time which I could not believe that my sister will betrayed me and eventually I was wrong. Will not mention what happen. Enough said. However, that time I was really deeply hurt and frustrated cause my very own sister betrayed me. Honestly, I didn't blame her at all. I do put a strong thought in my mind that that my live will be better if I always forget and forgive.

My sister is like another soul of myself. Although we have different thinking but then we always support each other and doesn't fight over our different point of view. Every siblings surely will has altercation but me and my sister will be good after a short period.

There's too much I could say about my sister. Just leave the rest for myself :D

I love you, yaenn!

Yours truly,

p/s - Thanks to Darren & John for helping me get out from a double parking car :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The author

Okay, I was just invited to be another author for my friend's blog. He invited me to become and I accept it cause not good to reject people right?! Heh!

Basically, college life is the same. Just attending tutorial classes and lecture. Pretty boring but it's fun because I had make my mind on why do I need to attend college everyday. Maybe something is my motivation :)

Able to spotted someone from the back. I somehow like someone's back as well. I means I like everything about this someone :) Enough said!

I think I shall not always mention about this someone in my blog. It's really kinda suspen to those who don't know how is that someone? Haha!

Oh yeah, my yuki babe is sick and she didn't attend class today. Was pretty bored without her presence.

Babe, if you're reading this, please do take care of yourself okay. Drink more water and get more rest. Sleep early as well. Don't miss yr medicine ya! Hope to see you in college soon. I know you won't want to miss class because of him and also me :P

p/s - Love is not finding someone to live with, it's finding someone you can't live without.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The big event.

Oh no, I am very regret for missing this MYCC 2008 event. It was a blast last year due to some reasons but then this year, I think it's gonna be a blast as well :)

Eh, I missed out this event due to a very reasonable reasons okay! So please don't blame me. Sorry & thanks you!

Lastly, this post is for a boy which his birthday falls on today.

And, he is Mervyn Tham! Happy 18th Birthday boy :)

Hope you'll have a great and memorable birthday celebration!

*steal this pic from his blog*

I knew him through Leo and he is a friendly guy who last time don't wanna camwhore with me. However, now he is being a camwhore king already. Hah :P So birthday boy, when wanna camwhore with me?!! hehe

p/s - I wanna eat chocolate wei. Sudden crave :(

pp/s - We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Bum!

A slight updates on yesterday outing with friends after college. Had Ice Monster before the movie! Met someone there. OMFG :) Was f**king happy!!

Su Ling took some pictures using my phone! :D


The Big sister :)

Yoke Foong's friends came along. So all the total 11 people watching movie.

We watched :

I kinda dislikes the movie because of the killer's mask. Omg the mask is so ugly and make me forget about my someone's look. Yet, I still can remember lah! Hah :P

After movie, Su Ling and Chi Yen went back whereas Yoke Foong tagged along with her friends. So me and Joe went for a walk meanwhile I was finding for someone, hoping that I could bump into someone again. But in the end, I didn't even bump into someone :(

Went to find Darren, John and Denise in the bowling alley. Joshua (Denise's friend) was there too. They were playing bowling so we chilled there a lil while. Met U-Jean there. It has been a time I didn't see him already.

After they all finish playing bowling, we all went to Popular cause there is a bookworm in the group. Me, Joe and John spotted a place and we sat there and chit-chat. It was fun :D Hardly have this chance chatting with them as we are now different class.

Chill till my mom, bro(s) and vin's gf came. Joe accompanied me to find my mom then he ciaoz! Thanks boy! Had dinner with them and watched :

Super worth it movie! It was awesome :)

Then had dessert with them at taipan and got back home around 10.30pm! :( Freaking tired!

Today, woke up early and fetched mom to SJMC. Got back home, get prepared then went out to fetch mom and then went to hair saloon cause sis wanna has a hair cut and I need to re-cut my fringe.

Wanna see my new hair style?!! But please promise that you wont laugh or not, I will kick yr butt!!
Here you go :

It's my 1st time cutting my fringe short wei!! Just give it a try!

I think I look totally different now, right?

We went to The Curve because mom need to get a cabinet. And, we got one from IKEA and ended up me and my lil boy have to squeezed sitting behind.

After getting the cabinet, we head back home cause I was having a bad tummy cramps =/ But when on the way back home, my mom suggested we go to AEON Bukit Tinggi aka the biggest jusco in malaysia ah? Not so sure!

So we went back home and bring down the cabinet and mom settled her stuff first then only we went there.

When on the way to there, I msg-ed yuki babe and told her I'm going there. Mana tau, she really went there with her mom and sisters. I met her in NICHI and she said I look different in this hairstyle. She is sick by the way >.< Get well soon babe! HugS

Met the blur Gary in his working place, Padini Concept Store. It was a looong time didn't see him already. Quite miss him and his blur-ness. Haha :P

p/s - my mom prefer me in this hair style because she said, I look the same when I was young.

pp/s - Sorry Ewin that I could not be there today! :(

Friday, August 22, 2008

My eyes are dying

Sorry peeps, will update soon, I PROMISE :)

Cant update today cause I was too tired and exhausted because was in Pyramid from 12.30pm till 9.50pm!

Really omg wei :(

Off to bed now!! good night & sweetdreams :D

p/s - wonder why MR.D 'bu shuang' me? aiks! /

Monday, August 18, 2008

Everytime I see someone!

Right, today is my 1st day of tutorial classes for this 2nd semester. It was okay because the lecturers leave us out earlier.

Had lunch in PizzaHut with the groups of friend. The friends are Yuki, Su Ling, Yoke Foong, Chris, Darren and Chi Yen. It was raining when we wanted to go there. So 7 of us squeezed ourself in Chris's tiny Suzuki Swift. Hah! So entertaining squeezing with my friends :)

My yuki babe really my babe wei. She wore the same colour bottom and top as me. We really didn't pakat or anything. I swear ;) And, the feelings walking beside her in college is kinda unpleasant cause those college people were looking at us like "wth" with those two girls.

But, I don't care about those people's thoughts. They should have perception checking wei. Haha!

Oh yeah, I was so damn f**king joyful and hyper today cause of something someone and it's NOT because of chocolates. This someone can really make me so happy, seriously although I just saw someone less than 1 minutes. Haha. Yea, sounds so hilarious but I don't care. Bleh

Thanks to Su Ling babe for spotting someone and also should thanks Darren for realizing that we were in the wrong class. Eh, wait! Should thanks to my yuki babe too as she was keep on looking for someone for me.

Thanks so much ya!! Really really appreciate it! :D :D :D

Please don't ever ask me who is the someone. I will just call him someone in my blog whereas in college, I have a nickname for him :) Go figure!

Glad that I could see someone today after a 1 months + didn't get to see someone already :D And, someone has a slightly changes in someone-self! Heh!

Oh yup, I'm not a STALKER okay! Please don't get misunderstandings! Thank you!

However, I just can't express my happiness out in my blog wei! woo hooo ~

I have some random pictures which I didn't post it out :

can be found in A&W Pyramid outlet

what a doink wei!! :P

p/s - I wanna meet someone tomorrow everyday wei so that I can be happy everyday :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Remember in my previous post, I told that nowadays I woke up at 3am. Seriously, I automatically will wake up at 3am which I don't know what's wrong with me. However, this morning, I didn't woke up at 3am but then at 4am :( Wtf!


In the noon, went to PJ Hilton for UK study exhibition with mom, sister and sister's friend, Caryn. Now, I think I wanna go UK and study wei. Haha :P

Oh well, I had sudden craving for lasagna and I did get to eat it just now in Pyramid. Besides that, went there to meet Ewin up and pass him his yoyo :)

Managed to get some stuff for friend's birthday present. Don't know whether the soon-to-be-birthday boy will like it anot lah?! Hopefully he will :) tee heee ~

No pictures for the day! Sorry >.<

Yes I know, my blog is totally boring nowadays. Shit!

p/s - pimples are popping out again =/

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not my Day!

I'm so weird! Blame the 3am wake up Always woke up at 3am this few morning. Can't really sleep well nowadays. Maybe cause of the opposite sleeping timing? :(

(I think)
I had a bad day today cause was kinda stressed up. Don't know why. Or maybe there's too many reasons and I can't make it clear which that caused me a bad day. Not to mention about it.

However, thanks to Darren for getting me the A CHORD song that I wanted. At least I know he does read/visit/drop by my blog. Thanks ya :)

Sadly, I could not meet someone who I always wanted to meet. At least I could bump into him anywhere also, I'm glad enough ;) Guess this day really won't come eh?! Wait wait wait, maybe miracle to really happen?!

Enough said.

College life is getting more busy and have to be more hardworking already for starting from this semester. Cannot always daydream (yeah, i love to daydream) of someone but must concentrate in classes. I need to work harder to achieve what I wanted :D

And, I also wanna be active in sports and lose some weight. Was planning to join some club in college but ain't sure which club should I join. Maybe bowling? Or perhaps badminton? How about basketball? T____T Anyone wanna join me? Hah

p/s - I can't take my nap now cause afraid I could not sleep tonight *yawn*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Library fella.

Heh, at least I know that someone haven't go Curtin yet. Hopefully it's true :) *pray hard* LOL :P

Anyways, today college was alright as had moral studies lecture only from 2pm-5pm. Yuki babe didn't come =/ Still, it's okay!

After college, followed Joe and Li Hou to a car workshop and then went to Summit.

I seriously don't know what else should I blog about. I guess that's all for today post!

It's really a short post but at least I did update something right?!! :D

p/s - there's always a tomorrow *grin*

pp/s - Anyone has this song :
你曾经让我心动 by A Chord?! I want it badly! :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

College start.

Now, I'm not having break already. Today started my 1st day of my 2nd semester. The feelings got back to college is kinda fun cause maybe I'm bored of holiday? Heh :P

Just have advanced accounting lecture then had lunch with the guys and yuki babe at Uncle Seng somehow near TBS. Then, Joe wanted to go back to his secondary school to pass something to his friend. So me and yuki tag along :)

Joe's secondary school is in Jalan Bukit Nanas and his school named Sekolah Menengah St.John. That school is one of the oldest school in Kuala Lumpur. So I guess Joe is one of the Johannians. Johanians is the used for the student of that school, if I'm not mistaken.

And, that school is SUPER HUGE! omg wei!!

After that, went to li hou's house and hang out. Before 6pm, went to fetch yuki to SP to meet her friend as she is following her friend back home.

Okay, I realised that I was tagged by Wilson Tan not long ago. So here it is :

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment:

Describe the environment: Cant you see? I'm going for an elephant ride. Freaking scary wei =/

2. A picture of you at somewhere you dislike:

Describe why you dislike that place: Because I was chosen to play this balloon game. Look at my funny + lame face expression while blowing the balloon. I look so silly >.<

3. A picture of someone that means a lot to you:

My famliy! LOVES*

4. A picture of you with your best smile(mouth open):

Why were you smiling?
Cause was taking pictures loh. If not smile, then takkan cry right? aiks

5. A picture of you with your best smile(mouth close):

Were you posing or natural smiling?

Posing la of cause! hehe :)

6. A picture of you with your lamest post:

Give this picture a caption.

This was a random lame post. Was taken on the 27/3/2008 at 10.40pm.

7. A picture of someone that stands on top of your heart:

Is that person treating you like how you are treating him/her?
Yeah, of cause :)

8. A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff :

9. A picture of you in white shirt :

Why were you wearing white instead of black?
Why not?! Black is boringgggg ~

10. A candid picture with you and your friends :

Do I look good?
At least my face is just half there. But Ewin do look good & seems like enjoying he ice-cream right? HAHA :P

Tag 10 people:

Lazy want to tag. Just do it if u feel like doing :)

Lastly, anyone remember this? :


p/s - When there's no hope/dream, there wont have disappointment :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bully.

Juat a short updates cause am kinda tired and exhausted. Today, went to college with joe to get some thingy and also to see my yuki babe. Then, we went to SP for lunch at Kim Gary. After that, we all went to Joe's house in wangsa maju to get his luggage as he will be staying in li hou's house for 4 days as his parents is not around. Damn fun wei!! :D

After hanging at his house, we went to Klang to fetch yuki back home and spent some time with her. That's what I did today which is the last day of my 1st sem break =/


(Outing with friends on the 10th August @ The Curve)

The friends are best friend and joe. We didn't do much in the curve except watch movie in Cineleisure, ate IKEA ice-cream and went to get stuff from IKEA.

We watched :

The movie is so disgusting and aiyerrrrrrr =/ But watching movie with them are really fun =)

Then we had light dinner dessert at Just Dessert.

sweet mango lou

honeydew lou :D

he is always like that =S

hmm joe, why you so tall here ah?! LOL :P

p/s - omg. I'm so tired. going to bed soon :] Good night, peeps!!