Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trying his luck

It's all about skill. Not just luck - Quote by Victoria Pang :)

Anyways yesterday Alex tagged along with me to send the girls off. After sending the girls off, we went to lavender to get alex's NS helmet. Haha the helmet is huge and heavy. I can't imagine carrying the helmet weigh on my small little cute head lol Then, we went off to orchard to get some aircond. Sounds pretty ridiculous right all the way there *singapore is small okay* just for the aircond. But the weather was extra humid and hot yesterday. I wasn't feeling well and almost died okay T____T We didn't go all the way there just for aircond. We went to the book stores.

Suntec City was the next destination. I managed to watch the dragon and lion dance performances because there was a cultural thingy event held in Suntec yesterday. I was super excited because I like lion dance performance. I can go gaga over lion dance. No particular reason. I just like it. Anyone out there love lion dance too?

Randomly alex said he wanted to catch some bears. So we went to the arcade there and tried to catch the bear which he couldn't get to catch one yesterday. Hahaha! What a noob :P

Stitch is so cute. Yes, adorable but ugly

Goodbye mickey & minnie mouse

Yeah, it's all about the excitement AND SKILL! NOT JUST LUCK. Haha

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