Monday, August 09, 2010

They claimed

Today is Singapore National Day. It's a public holiday! Yays :) So happy like a little girl only. I bet Singaporeans will the be ones who are the most happy when come to public holidays because Singapore is the one of the country that has the least holidays. Pity Singaporeans. Anyways they should get used to it already lol

Now I miss Malaysia because it has so many public holidays. I want holiday! I want to go for a holiday or a road trip will do. I want everything *sorry I'm greedy*

On the other hand, I went to try out the Rojak that Mandy said it's delicious and she recommended me to go give it a try. Some claimed that it is the best rojak in balestier road? Besides that, there are always a lot of people queuing for the rojak. Long queue somemore okay. Dont's play play.

Located at the Whampoa Food Market

Honestly, I don't like it. I still prefer the one back in SS19.

I want to go for good food hunting. Any kaki(s) in singapore would want to join me? :)

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