Saturday, August 14, 2010

NDP 2010

Today is the start of Youth Olympic Games. It seems quite happening but you have to get tickets to watch if i'm not mistaken. So I'm not gonna do anything for this event. Recently, Singapore has just celebrated its 45th National Day. Some of my girls wanted to see fireworks so we ended up at Esplanade. It was a public holiday so try to imagine the crowd.

some of them can picnic when the crowd was so huge :S

once you're engaged, you gonna be busy talking on the phone like her

but this girl here is not engaged lol

she is always stun!

she is the one who loves ang moh(s) Lucky for her because she saw quite a number of good looking ang moh(s)

Tea brought her brother along who I couldn't remember what is his name

chill roli, don't be pissed off :(

with baby roli roli ~

Park Su-Jung is her korean name. Pretty name!

see angel's smile! So wide after checking out ang moh(s)

with Morinia :)

group picture excluding Tessa & Tea's brother

I didn't stay for the firework because I have something else on that day. Moreover, I have seen enough fireworks in my life already. Besides that, I heard that the fireworks were not that good anyways (:

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