Friday, August 27, 2010

More than anything ♥

Most importantly, I'm sincerely sorry to my one and only beloved sister that I couldn't be back there to celebrate hers 19th birthday which falls on today the meaningful 27th of August.

Happy 19th birthday to my baby girl, Vanessa Pang!

She is my pretty baby girl who loves to camwhore!

As everyone knows that I'm not good in words but I'm truly glad and grateful to have her as my sister. I really appreciate everything she did for me. She is such a caring sister. Having her as my sister is already the one of the best gift in life. She is like my elder sister because she is way taller than me and looks even more mature than me. Haha! However, she is only 19 years old this year. Hopefully you'll have a blast 19th birthday :)

I always remembered those moments where we used to a share room and we told each other story about what happened that day before we headed to bed. Now as we grow older, we're having our own room, hence, the story telling session has reduced :( But it's okay as when I'm back there, I gonna run into her room and start doing this story telling session again :P

I love having her around because we can share everything ♥

we're both daddy's girls :)

Thanks for being such a sweetheart!

Lastly, you know I ♥ you & I miss you! Promise you that I'll do a belated birthday celebration with you when i'm back! Hugs

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