Sunday, September 05, 2010

Healthy? Maybe not?

I have been eating these two kind of food a lot lately. I'm just wondering which one is healthy and which one is not. Obviously, I know which one is the healthier but I just wanna convince myself that both of the food are equally healthy so that I can eat both as much as I want lol.

One is the mixture of koko krunch and another one is organic oats which is the super healthy one.

Yumm ~ My all time favourite!

This is really tasteless but I'm used to it already!

But I thought whatever intake of food, it's not good to consume too much. Too much of something isnt that good also right? That's what I heard so yea. Which is which now. Wait, there's no scientific proven on this saying right! -__________-

I'm blase hence this super random and meaningless post. HAHAHA!

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