Friday, September 03, 2010

Choo ~ Pikachu!

It was on a tuesday where I did my very 1st formal group presentation. The subject of the presentation was Holiday Inn Orchard Singapore, a hotel we chose to do a report on it.

On that day of the presentation, we presented the classification of the hotel, the roles and responsibilities of the bellmen, front office agent and guest relation officer, the hotel guest cycle and the interaction between the guest and the employees.

Indeed it seemed like we need to present a lot. However, the limit for the presentation was 11 minutes and with favorable chance, we managed to complete our presentation before 11 minutes :) *because I was busy looking at the clock and have eye contact with my members lol*

my group members ; Mandy, Miyu & Xiao Yao

Mr. Steven Choo, my Front Office Operations lecturer
He is a malaysian btw :)

OMG, I hunch a lot lately. Must be the heavy school bag :( Straight victoria straight!

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