Sunday, September 12, 2010

The man's note

I was checking my phone drafts and *proof* I found one interesting message. However, I don't remember where did I get the message from (I've been using this phone for years already) nor how did I managed to type it out. Most probably I got it from somewhere else because the message is so powerful. I don't write or even know how to write a super powerful messages neither can I understand them so yea.

The content of the message is as below :

We come to realize that what the man is seeing may not what his eyes can directly see. We see that aside from the world he lives in, he also see other worlds. These other world seems to defy the physical laws of our own world. Things can happen in reverse, cities can build themselves, creators are created by their creations. We ponder these things as we continue looking through the man's eyes. It occurs to us that perhaps we are thinking the same thoughts as the man, that there is possibility that each of us represents a different level of consciousness within his universe. We can see the eyelids of the man close from the inside. We close our eyes too.

Get the context of the message?

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