Saturday, September 11, 2010

Extra celebration

Last week, my school had a post celebration for the Sports Day because our campus won the champion. Go Green House! Yays! This celebration was for everyone who took part in the competition. Thanks for the BBQ, my beloved EASB! :P Beloved konon

Besides that, thanks to everyone who participated the games and made us the champion. All thanks to them and of course me as well because I did won few games. That's why we all have free dinner. Hahahaha! Sounds damn cheap skate oops

Angel sayang :)

The super happy go lucky girl, Tess

with baby Roli who always complain lol

The captain, Nisha
We had presentation before joining the BBQ hence the outfit

trying to be emo whereas she is always smiling all the way

With Hung from Vietnam! Thanks for bbq-ing the chicken wings and sausages for me :)

Align Center
We didn't snap a complete captain ball picture :( How sad

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