Tuesday, September 07, 2010

1st KFC

Good morning world :)

Yup I just had my 1st KFC meal in Singapore like a week back after I was done with my class around 6pm ish. It's quite surprising that I had it for dinner because I dislike KFC as I think it's fattening which is so true. However, I managed to close one eye and decided give it a try and also to see is there any difference with the KFC in Singapore and Malaysia.

Honestly, I don't taste nor see the difference because I seldom eat it when I was back there. So it was totally a wasted effort but at least I tried once. That's more than enough.

My partner in crime for dinner was Mandy. We had lunch and dinner together several times. It was fun having dinner with her because we laughed a lot whenever we hang out :)

KFC egg tart is nice. Do they have it in Subang?

The original and spicy chickens. Their spicy is NOT SPICY AT ALL -____-

Cheese Meltz BBQ Chicken something something

What a boring life that I'm leading now :(

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