Wednesday, September 08, 2010

During Class

I took my camera to school that day because we had presentation. I wanted to snap some pictures with my classmates but ended up I snapped random pictures during class. Super random pictures are for don't-know-what-reason -.-

You know what, I seldom use my camera here which I couldn't find the reasons why. I used to like to snap pictures when I was back there. Perhaps I shall really start snapping more pictures already because pictures are meant to be kept as memories. Need to warm up before getting snapping pictures habits lol

This is Felix and his presentation slide on the research on the menu

on the other hand, this is Xiao Yao who always sit beside me during class and disturb me whenever I'm studying or not *stares at him*

No matter what, I'm always here to cheer you up :D

Who wanna take pictures with me? Hahaha xD

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