Friday, September 17, 2010

Not for sale

Lately, I have adapt to this habit of drinking green tea while studying. As far as I know, green tea provides a number of advantages to our health. For your info, I'm drinking IRO IRO Jireh House Green Tea. IRO IRO sounds cute right? I went to google and search what does it mean in japanese. IRO IRO simply means different/various things. I wonder whether is it true or not. Oh well, doesn't matter because I love drinking this green tea.

Do you know one sachet of this green tea can brew up to 3 cups of green tea?

The advantages of green tea are :
  • Helps in weight control
  • Possesses as anti-diabetics and anti-aging properties prevent cavities
  • Reduce cancer and coronary heart disease risk
  • Improve cholesterol rate in the body
  • Cleans one body from toxins
  • Acts as a distress agent whenever I'm studying *Oh well, this applies to me*

No, this is not an advertisement. I'm just being kind to share with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Where did you bought this

Anonymous said...

Where did you bought this?