Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mummy the dearest

1. Happy birthday Taryna! 

(I'll blog about her birthday after this one)

2. Yesterday the 15th was my very precious mom's birthday. She always prefer a small celebration with the family only, therefore we decided to have dinner at Chilli's, Empire. 

All 5 of us, including my fiancée were there to have dinner with her. I hope she enjoyed herself. 

   With the brother who always bully me 

Sadly, I didn't snap a pic with my fiancée as he needed to leave earlier cause of work. But I'm glad that he made it for dinner with us :) Love you honey! 

 The princess of the day with her so-call- prince :S 

Here comes the pictures of the food we ordered : 

You guys won't be hungry because when this post is out, it's already pass dinner time. Haha 

Oops, there's supper time. So Malaysian!

Small little brownie on the house for this birthday lady. 

           Happy birthday mummy! 
            You're my everything <3 

Of course the brownie won't be the one cake for the day. I brought a Haagen Dasz coffee and white chocolate ice cream for her. 

Damn, it's so pretty. And the coffee ice cream is good although I don't take caffeine but the white chocolate is so damn sweet. Oh sweet tooth :( 

The incomplete family. Missing you little sis and baby bro :(   

But they wanted to be in the picture too. Haha. They sent this to us. Don't worry, we'll try to photoshop your picture into our family picture lol 

      How adorable my siblings are <3

Most pictures above were taken by Vincent's phone. I was pretty much lazy to snap pictures nowadays. Bummer ._.

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