Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yay. Finals is over so I can spend my time enjoying life. Oh, I will blog about my genting trip and last night party soon alright? First, let me blog out my drafts :)

(Outing with my loved ones @ Pyramid on the 3rd April 09)

Oh, this outing is mainly to purchase a lappy for lil sister. Finally, she got her own lappy already.

Although in usj 19 which super near to my house, there is a digital mall but we went all the way to Pyramid to get the lappy.

how nice if i don't have chubby cheek? :/

haha we acting cute again?

see the biggest poser ever :P

i wasn't posing, seriously.
mom talked to me and my sis snapped it

Elder brother called us and asked us to buy back crispy popiah for him.

i was bored so took this random picture

candid of sis & mom

crispy popiah

p/s - The things always happens that you really believe in ; and the belief in a thing makes it happen - Frank Loyd Wright-

pp/s - you're the best! loves


~JL~ said...

Nice quote .. Somehow it's really true .. *winks

Victoria said...

lol. 1st time u drop me a comment wei :P

hehe. ya wei. somehow it's really true hor! :)

~JL~ said...

lol .. yeap .. since you prefer to people to drop comments .. =_)

Victoria said...

haha ya wei. thanks :)

~JL~ said...

you're welcome .. =_)