Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The class.

On the 4th of april, I was at home alone cause everyone was in malacca. Was chatting with jenny kuma and she wanted to buy some stuff and she was planning to go pyramid alone. Since, I was at home alone and that time it was raining heavily, so I tagged along.

Ended up, from two of us became 4 of us. Aun Hoong & Ken Yee tagged along too :)

After pyramid, we headed to Asia Cafe for dinner.

Pictures credit go to Jenny Kuma :D

jenny kuma aka the noob!

the buddies :)

the guys' rm20 dinner which is not worth it :/

It was extremely fun hanging out with them because of the lame-ness :P

Oh, thanks to jenny kuma for the ride! <3

p/s - I'm enjoying my life as in a holiday mood whereas my finals is next week :/

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